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The Changing Image of the New Black Male: College Hill, South Beach

  Yes, I’m going there. I’m going all the way there. One of the joys of this blog is being the cultural critic and having the platform and the ability to provide my opinion on any and everything.  And I must say that after watching this last week’s episode of BET’s College Hill: South Beach that … Continue reading

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I Have Something To Say: an Uppity View on Miss USA and Perez Hilton

One of the random misconceptions that most liberals won’t let you get away with is the idea of “freedom.”  Sadly, it has been in the history of Africans living here in the diaspora of North America learning that freedom, is in fact not free.  It always costs something.  Stephen King at the end of his … Continue reading


Obama Discovers Some Intestinal Fortitude; Leaves door open for Prosecution for Torture under the Bush administration

…or maybe his cohones decided to drop ever since they had shrunk from when Jesse Jackson had threatened to castrate President Barack Obama. Or maybe he just passed the buck–as usual. At least in the public eye, so far, the most decisive decision (I know that’s redundant) that Obama has done since being in office has … Continue reading