I Have Something To Say: an Uppity View on Miss USA and Perez Hilton


One of the random misconceptions that most liberals won’t let you get away with is the idea of “freedom.”  Sadly, it has been in the history of Africans living here in the diaspora of North America learning that freedom, is in fact not free.  It always costs something.  Stephen King at the end of his screenplay “Storm of the Century” wrote:

This is a cash and carry world.  Most times its a lot.  Sometimes, it’s all you have.

I know this is a weird introduction into my defense of the white female who allegedly lost her campaign as Miss California to ultimately become Miss USA.  Do I agree with what she said–HELL NAW!!  Any viewpoint supported by the biblical scriptures I immediately question–but that’s just me.  Do I think she should have said it?  Well, therein lies the rub.  That was her judgment call and we should respect it.

I watched Bill O’Reilly last night, and last night he had decided to be a journalist when he had some guy on there named Wayne Besen who sounded like a complete fool. 

Besen sounds like a complete jackass, and O’Reilly was correct to put it to him as to “only if people agree with you then it’s okay” mentality was sound judgment.  Fact of the matter is that this country is in a statistical dead heat when it comes to gay marriage.  Just because gay marriages have passed in Iowa, Massachusetts and Vermont does not mean that “the tide is turning” in their favor.  While I’m all for it, and I’m with the Log Cabin Republicans on this one that for the “less government” talk of Republicans you’d think they’d be trying to keep this one of Congress and various state houses, fact of the matter is that for every one person in this country who’s for gay marriage, there’s an equal and opposite opinion from another citizen.

So, why are we listening to Perez Hilton?

perez-hilton-400ds0801You know how I feel about people like him:  he’s the epitome of the anti-intellectualism that pervades the consciousness of the daily lives of Americans.  Part of my inhibition toward v-logging, although I still may do it on a random, monthly basis, is the fact that it’s easy and requires less thought.  It’s easy for me to pop open my computer and start talking off the cuff; weblogging still places an emphasis on the written word and it requires me to think about what I’m going to say a bit more than otherwise.  Then for Perez Hilton and the millions of other YouTubers get online and act a complete fool.  They spout off from their mouth and give no thought to what they’re going to say.

Take the sad case of Asia McGowan.

Although this isn’t quite the same situation as with Perez Hilton and Carrie Prejean, just look at what freedom of speech has allowed.  We’ve all been on YouTube clips and to read the numerous hateful comments is somewhat appalling.  Sometimes I wonder is it really adolescent teens who have nothing better to do or are these full grown adults who truly feel that way or are these mentally agitated adults of the Timothy McVeigh and Unabomber vein who plan to act on these feelings and beliefs.  Personally, I couldn’t care less whether or not Perez Hilton, of all people, gets on YouTube and called Barack Obama a nigger, I would begin to question his sponsors, but nonetheless, who really cares.  I’m more interested in Prejean getting flak for her statement.

Frankly, what was the point of asking her the question if they wanted her to mask her own feelings.

Or maybe they just got mad that homegirl just gave a shitty answer.

Hilton asked her should every state follow suit of allowing same sex marriages, and she went on to contradict herself by saying that while we live in a country where there’s a choice, she felt that in “my country” marriage should be between a man and woman.  It was probably a loaded question, and Hilton knew that from jump.  He’s a fool.

But, should she have been punished?  No.  Should she have known better when she answered the question?  Yes.  It’s all about agency, she had the responsibility to make that decision when entered the contest on a state level and rose to this level to a national stage.  That much Besen was right about; she made a controversial statement in public, she should have been prepared for the fallout.  Or maybe all of this was planned from the beginning, maybe she planned on this because she certainly getting more attention than Miss America and Miss USA’s normally get–I mean who watches that now.  Hell, last one I remember was Vanessa Williams back in 1984 and I wasn’t even born yet!

All of this is fluff people.

This is a mask of the real issue which is the homophobia that’s behind her answer.

Yes, it’s homophobia.

How can you say that Uppity Negro?  How do you know she’s homophobic?  Have you talked to her?  She probably had gay friends that she’d take a bullet.

I’m sure she has some black friends too.

Whether she has gay friends, or black friends, whatever the case is, I think it reeks of homophobia, or at the least a xenophobia that runs rampant here in this country because we allow it.  I just heard today in class from one of our professors that one huge misconception is that many of those who participate in heterosexual acts have this belief that all gay folks are after ALL straight people.  EEENK!  WRONG ANSWER!  In just the same fashion, whereas I don’t like all women I meet, every gay male doesn’t like ALL gay men.  Moreover, I’m just not convinced of the argument that the “very fabric and nature” of our country is going to be ripped apart because two grown individuals want to be afforded equal rights under the law.  

For those who are part of the LGBT community, I’m about to take license and I am open to criticism if I get this following piece completely wrong.

But, I think some of the mindset behind the “we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” movement was just simply saying “accept me for me being.”  It wasn’t necessarily trying to force one to participate in it, or go after kids and recruit kids to be gay (could you imagine how ludicrous some people think), but simply accepting, not just tolerating, someone on a human level, person to person.

The problem with Prejean’s statement, that Perez Hilton in all of his ___________  (fill in the blank) was that what she said created a further wedge between citizens and humans in this country; it further perpetuated the mindset of “us vs. them” that has lead to nothing but death and destruction in world history.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think she should have penalized for her answer?  Do you think Perez Hilton had an ulterior motive when he asked the question?  Should she have just played the game and been done with it?  What do you think the “fill in the blank” should be?

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL


11 thoughts on “I Have Something To Say: an Uppity View on Miss USA and Perez Hilton

  1. 1.) That I was disappointed, but not at all surprised by her answer, and also that I remember hearing the crowd cheer, not boo, as some sources have been saying.

    2.) I think it’s up to the Miss USA committee to decide what gets penalized and what does not. Small boobs get penalized. Cellulite gets penalized. Why not this? It’s their sick little game, anyway.

    3.) Of course.

    4.) If she wanted the crown bad enough, yes. Although, personally, I think she lost because the other girl was cuter (call me crazy, I know). I would be totally within my rights to walk into a job interview and tell the person wearing a red tie that I morally objected to red ties. Would I expect to get the job? No. So, it just depends on what is stronger: your personal beliefs (whatever they may be) or the desire for the not-so-proverbial crown.

    5.) Oompaloompa-ness

  2. Her only fault was that she was honest. For those kind of contests they expect you to waffle on issues and say things that everyone likes. I personally don’t have a problem with what she said if she really meant it. I don’t think we need to knock people for standing on their beliefs. I guess my issue is this: Why do you have to be homophobic if you don’t believe in gay marriage? Does that mean you are racist if you don’t believe in black and white marriages? I think the beliefs for some individuals are deeper than what we might see on the surface. To assume that it’s always based on something sinister does that person a complete injustice. The saddest part about all of this is that you didn’t see V. Williams back in the day!!! You don’t know what you missed….

  3. @CO

    Well, perhaps I was too general in my blanket assumptions about homophobia. But the way she worded it gave me an air of homophobia about it. And I still stand by the idea that certain people try and assert their beliefs on others as though they are the only enlightened ones–on both sides of an issue–because that does nothing but divide us all.

    I mean, in some respect, I took what she said as the equivalent of saying exactly what you used as your example: “marriage should only be between those of the same race.”



    Well….I see Vanessa Williams now and I find no fault in her, lol.

  4. I didn’t get the “air of homophobia” but we all see things differently. Could she be homophobic – maybe? But she could have also been an individual that spoke to her beliefs. It’s all good though! Good topic and even better debate.

    1. @CO

      Or maybe it was just, as I said, just a shitty answer, lol. I mean, all politics aside, she stumbled over it and kinda didn’t sound all that articulate. Perhaps it was nervousness cuz she knew she might get into hot water over her answer, so I’ll allow this.

  5. I was not disappointed in her answer at all. She doesn’t have to believe in same sex marriages. Just as Perez has the right to believe in them. That is our right as Americans. You can be gay, and I can accept and respect you as a person, yet not agree the lifestyle.
    I was having a conversation with a friend about this earlier, and he said “People don’t want to be judged for their unrighteousness, and they shouldn’t judge people for their righteousness.” If you have to lie to win a contest, it’s not worth winning.
    Helen Keller could have seen Perez’s ulterior motives from 5 miles up the road. It was wrong to penalize for an honest answer, even if it’s not the PC one.

    fill in the blank….ubiquitous lummox…

  6. Did she get penalized? Why is she blaming the gay man for ruining her chances? Should Miss America be homophobic? SHE’s saying that she lost because of her answer but considering that it was not solely up to Perez Hilton this stinks of a sanctimoniousness on her part. She’s a sore loser and let’s blame the fag. I’m glad she lost. She’s a loser.

  7. Perez Hilton??? Who the fuck is Perez Hilton? He/She is about as relevent as “Reverend” Al Sharpton. The point of the matter is very simple: Opinion. This young lady voiced her opinion. PERIOD. Liberals love to create laws that force people into submission if the rest of the population (or majority) does not think the same way as they do. They preach individualism only as long as everyone is the same. I don’t give a rats ass if Uppity Negro believes that there was “homophobia” involved—that’s always the answer isn’t it. Well guess what? I don’t support gay marriage either. Homophobe? No. Not relevent. Reason? Because it isn’t a marriage issue it’s always been about the benefits.

  8. Guess what Michael—She DID lose because of that question. It was a loaded question and ANYBODY who would have answered it the same way would have been under this same scrutiny. She should have declined the question or better yet, that question should have been screened. Political-based questions regarding controversial subjects are only about weeding out those who don’t follow the same script as the event’s status quo.

  9. Wow. So if you listen to the people involved and not the media’s specualtion on the whole issue you will see how this young girl isn’t really concerned about the title anymore and does not blame Hilton for losing the crown. It seems like she is more concerned with all the hate mail, e-mails, calls, and face to face attacks for voicing her opinion. I stumbled across some intervies and she has mentioned a few death threats due to this from gay activists. And not even an hour after the pagent Hilton is slamming her with the obviously unreserved hateful words. Your judgment call on who are the haters here. I don’t know if the general people who call themselves gay voice the same feelings of rage, but those that are speaking out are definately getting the word out that if you don’t agree with them you are going down. I don’t know, my gay friends are standing 100%behind Hilton’s vulgur words which makes me cautious and fearful to ever disagree with anything the gay community puts out as morally right and wrong. There goes my freedom of speech and opinion…

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