Missed Opportunity


I lied.

I had promised myself I was done with the TeaBagging and what not and the foolishness that it was.  But alas, I lied.  Fellow blogging dude over at AverageBro gave me an idea for a post.  

I’m not sure if he realised he put his foot on the gas, but he brought up this idea in a recent post:

…are we supposed to believe this is a “bi-partisan, grassroots effort aimed at reckless gubb’ment spending and taxation”? If so, why’d this Great American get booed for simply telling the truth? [In reference to a posted YouTube clip]
I won’t lie to you, when I heard there was a Tea Party being planned for DC, I seriously thought about going for the very same reason. As one of the few Negroes in the crowd, I have little doubt I would have gotten on camera/stage with ease. 

What if this had been a bi-partisan movement?  

That is to say that wouldn’t this had been a powerful grassroots movement of the people if we all protested the frivolous spending on behalf of the government?  Seriously, hearing the stuff that gets earmarked and passed even to me sounds ridiculous.  But no, this turned into some FoxNews orgy of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Neil Cavuto simultaneously circle jerking on the heads of social conservatives who seemingly fail to see that they’re being nutted on.

Great analogy right?

At least intellectual masturbators seem to have a greater intent behind their feeling themselves amongst one another and the listeners at least participate and it becomes a great lovefest for all participants.

Okay, enough with that analogy, but y’all get my point.



In other news…

In the 10th anniversary of the Columbine Massacre of 1999, why are we still debating whether or not there needs to be a ban on assault weapons in this country?

This is a small post, just wanted to drop that off on you all.

Any comments feel free to leave them below.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

3 thoughts on “Missed Opportunity

  1. On Tea Partying:

    The appeal of the Tea Party political action appears to have not only provided an outlet for pent-up hostility for the losing republicks, but also served to ‘appropriately’ bash President Obama in public.

    It was not a true ‘grassroots’ organized movement. It was (as others have referred to it, an astroturf wanna-be grassroots protest organizing misaligned with the historic Boston Tea Party.

    Republicks have seen the community organizing success of the campaign by the Obama administration (and prior to that the Democratic Party’s John Dean) and they want a piece of the ‘grassroots movement’ toward their own failing GOPers in 2010 and beyond.

    Did it work? Will it work? OR perhaps some republicks are going forward to form an actual (viable?) third political party (that does not include Dr. Ron Paul) that truly embraces the ‘freepers’ and their openly violent anti-nonwhite cohorts.

    The Tea Party protests, held on tax-day, April 15, is also the anniversary of Abraham (freed-the-slaves) Lincoln’s assassination.

    This taxation without representation ‘movement’ did not generally appear to be nonpartisan, grassroots political protest. Had the Tea Partying happened over the last year or so, maybe it would have been genuine political protest from the grassroots of this democratic republic.

    The coverage of the Tea Parties may have had a different MSM flavor and more newsworthiness had the protest been strictly about bailouts, lost jobs, bad government policies, lousy leadership, warmongering for oil and profit, the demented Dick Cheney and the Karl (Turd Blossom) Rove.

    It is important that while republicks can also be low-information voters, they can also be a useful part of ‘the sly, the slick, and the wicked, wicked, wicked’ (song reference). We should probably not dismiss the republicks so readily.

    Wonder what the new third party’ll be called? Freepers for Conservative Family Values? Deer Hunters for Jesus? What?

    Maybe other posters will help me out with naming the new conservative republicks party.

    Stay uppity, watch and pray…

  2. People should protest whatever the Hell they want to, but be clear about your goals amd make sure you can afford to have the day ‘off’. The masses really don’t care, we’re held up on: small changes in our paychecks; paying our bills and what if any benefit we will get from the stimulus package. I’m much more concerned about lessening discrimination. These are the same types of people that protest on behalf of PETA…

    I believe in the right to bear arms, the ability to protect yourself and I support any legislation that could prevent (or prosecute)unstable or criminal people from using any gun or assault weapon. If the beat cops in London can protrol areas without a firearm, perhaps our country should look into how well that works. The down side is I believe any person can be push enough and/or enraged enough to act our of emotion and subsequently misuse a firearm.

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