Study Break Shout Out: The Uppity Negro Pays Homage to “The Black Snob”

This is a quick study break for me, but I feel compelled to write it.

the-black-snobI saw via Twitter that in the midst of fellow black blogger Danielle Belton, bka The Black Snob‘s eastern seaboard tour that she was going to be in Washington, D.C. urreah (dat’s where it’s at!), but more so that she was going to be on Nightline last night.  Well, in the midst of me watching that OT game last night with the Bulls and the Celtics (we better go to seven games dammit!) and just feeling plum tired, I conked out around 10pm and didn’t get a chance to see her piece on Nightline.

The clip is here.  PLEASE go check it out!

Btw, damn WordPress again for not letting me embed clips other than friggin Youtube.

That aside, it was really a phone call from Mother Uppity last night that made me want to do the shout out.

My mother is HIGHLY impressed with reading Black Snob’s blog.  She said that she was ready to wake my father up in the middle of the night just to watch the piece, which was all about Lady Michelle‘s first 100 days as the First Lady which was spurred by the unveiling of the first bust of an African American woman to grace the halls of the Capitol building, who just happens to be abolitionist Sojourner Truth.  My mother simply adores reading the depth of Black Snob’s knowledge in her blog articles, her unabashed “natural hair” as my mother said, and ultimately the cartoons that she does.

Me personally thinks Mother Uppity sees much of herself in The Black Snob.

And that’s a good thing.

Keep up the work Black Snob.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

7 thoughts on “Study Break Shout Out: The Uppity Negro Pays Homage to “The Black Snob”

  1. Thanks UN…gotta share that Black Snob love. I would love for SCAN to become an Adult Cartoon. Has your mother read the SCAN Chronicles?

    But, I agree- The Black Snob rocks!

  2. @rikyrah

    My mother’s in LOVE with SCAN. It’s actually pretty hilarious. I just still can’t get over that the headquarters are in MACON, Georgia!!!! LMAO

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