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Kwanzaa Reflection IV: Ujima-Collective Work and Responsibility

With God’s help I will build and maintain our own community and make my brother’s and sister’s problems our problems and solve them together. With the third night of Kwanzaa, Ujima which means collective work and responsibility, represented by the first green candle (green for the land), again, I have moved into the realm of … Continue reading

Cultural Critique / Politics / Pop Culture

Kwanzaa Reflections III: Kujichagulia-Self Determination

With God’s help I will participate in the defining of ourselves, naming of ourselves and speaking for ourselves instead of being defined and spoken for by others. Personally, I hold Kujichagulia, self-determination and the first red candle (red representing the blood shed of our ancestors) to the right,  in high personal regards.  For me this is … Continue reading

Cultural Critique / Politics / Pop Culture / The Color Line

Kwanzaa Reflections II: Umoja-Unity

Umoja (unity) — With God’s help, I will strive for and maintain unity in the family community, nation and race. Umoja is the first principle of Kwanzaa,and represented by the black candle (black for the people) and attempts to address the impossible.  Generally, when we think of unity, or that which is united, we, as modern-day Black … Continue reading