UNN News Briefs — Sounding Off!

So, I’ve been gone for a good lonnnnnnnng time.

Since my last post I’ve moved a mere 14 credits away from receiving my dual masters degrees on May 8th of the upcoming year and I’ve travelled back home for the Christmas holidays.  But, in the midst of all of that a few other noteworthy news stories have popped up.  Seeing as how I’m trying to increase readership, I’m going to try and make these short and sweet and to the point.  Here goes:

The Tiger Woods Media Debacle is just a travesty of what we consider journalism.  In a world where terrorist attacks are common overseas (just think of Mumbai) we seriously have a healthcare crisis in this country where people like me are literally uninsured and a nation with a jobless rate of 10%, I really was just shocked over the last two weeks how major news organizations felt obligated to do breaking news stories with regards to Tiger Woods.  From each one of these air-headed bimbos coming out of the woodwork to the announcements about various sponsors pulling out from him or scaling him back.

I’m a man so I’m taking a man’s point of view: that is, no crime was committed, ultimately, there is no story.  Just like with David Letterman.  Tiger should have let the chips fall where they may rather than issuing statement after statement.  And honestly, I look down on the women that have come forward.  To me they come off as just some no-names trying to get their 15 minutes of fame.  And especially the northern European golfer who’s name no one knows let alone pronounce who introduced Tiger to Elin needs to get plowed with a driver for even opening his mouth on the issue–who asked YOU!

As a last point, I heard so many disparaging remarks about Tiger in the immediate days following the news break from black talk show callers on the Al Sharpton Show and on Atlanta local talk radio, and I think its sad how too many blacks develop this groupthink concerning Tiger.  I think there is something to be said about how quickly many blacks were to label Tiger as some evil sexual deviant and make sure to add that he never self-identified as 100% black, but rather his patented Caublasian which dumb black folks seem to forget was a simplified version of Tiger acknowledging his mixed heritage of Caucasian, Black and Asian respectively.

And you know black women had a field day with this one.

Word on the street is that T.I. is supposed to be going home early.  Personally I like the guy, I know “A.T.L.” had no point, but I enjoyed that movie as well.  I think he’s a talented rapper and entertainer.  Long time ago, I was impressed enough with his responses on that State of Hip Hop joint with Cousin Jeff a few years back, but ultimately I will say this: #justiceFAIL.  The dude was buying silencers and guns and assault weapons in a Walgreens parking lot on North Ave and Piedmont.  Send his ass to jail and make him fill out his sentence.  No wonder our young black males are thinking being a rapper and having money answers all problems–well I guess because it does.

My favorite hometown of Washington, D.C. decided to pass legislation to legalize gay marriages within the District and seem to have moved more quickly than the current president on the issue of gay rights.  Of course it’s all this outcry, the Catholic Archdiocese out there is threatening to pull out certain contracts with the city.  I wonder what Black America’s favorite crazy and drugged out uncle Marion Berry had to say about this because he had been one of the major dissenting votes earlier.  And the same goes for Houston electing Annise Parker.  Folks are acting like homosexuality is synonymous with an inability to perform certain duties.  And I think the bigger show of ignorance is that Parker had already been elected to city-wide offices for six previous terms.  All the hatas need to go saddown somewhere.

The April Gibbs-Robert Gibbs fallout was unnecessary (check the clip above).  Yes Ryan was being over the top with her wording of the questions a la “belle of the ball” and what not, but I still feel that her question went to the heart of a lack of security which was really the crux of the problem.  Roberts Gibbs gets a fat big saddown for the way he clapped back on Ryan by comparing her to his seven year old son.  Honestly, if he was right then none of the other reporters would have gasped knowing that Gibbs was way out of line for what he said.

I’m with AverageBro on this one.  Gibbs needs to go.

FTR, I still haven't figured out what to do with C. Breezy in these "tights" and these go-go boots.

I personally think the one and only Christopher Maurice Brown aka Chris Breezy has gotten the shaft on how his latest album dropped December 11th has been played out in stores.  Various unintelligent and narrow-minded bloggers who’s entire lives revolve around the vapid nature of all thing superficial have parsed this one over and over again some in favor of how it’s panned out and others saying he’s getting the shaft.  I really don’t know about the karmic natures of his album sales tanking under the projected 170,000 and the relation to his former girlfriend Robyn Rihanna Fenty aka Rihanna.

I’ll say this: if stores aren’t stocking his album then they need to clear out half of their inventory.  How many rappers and other artists have some super shady pasts, but yet and still their albums are fully stocked.  Not to mention other rappers that truly have been convicted of crimes and have served actual jail time.  I mean, hell, just take T.I. for instance, serving jail time and he got a TV show before he went in!  And perhaps this is the man in me coming out (and I’m not apologizing for it), none of us really know what happened in that car that night.  We’ve “heard” both sides of the story but both of them were so nebulous, do we really really know what happened and what events lead to it?

I’m not convinced.

What happens is that there is the three words that we, as non-celebs, never really take into consideration.  These three words exist when we read tabloid headlines, and read salacious gossip blogs and listen as major news outlets interrupt their regularly scheduled programs with breaking news: we…dont…know.  I think, and assume that Breezy’s immaturity was evidenced even more with the fact that he took out his frustration by deleting his @mechanicalDummy Twitter account just because.  Which makes me ask the question, if someone would delete a twitter account in frustration he certainly can’t be capable of dealing with more weightier issues.

But that’s another blog.

And this story of NFL Cincinnati Bengals player Chris Henry somewhat highlights some of the issues that I’ve tried to bring to light concerning domestic partnerships.  I think Henry’s response to jump off of a moving truck, is what Courting Olivia said over at Fresh Xpress Blog that what really happens is drama.  But I’ll say this, what we fail to contain in our conversation is that drama happens on BOTH sides.  It’s not just the man and his dalliances and antics in which the woman has to put up with, but particularly for women married to or attached in some shape form or fashion to celebs/athletes, women sometimes, let me repeat sometimes impose these unrealistic notions on these immature young men.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly feel sorry for his fiancee Loleini Tonga and whatever events that lead to it, I’m sure she’ll regret for many years to come.  But, yes, I’m going to go there and it may come off as insensitive, but I feel it needs to be said that as we tell our sons to not hit our daughters, we need to tell our daughters to not hit our sons. Our black women need to feel empowered, yes, but at the same time, they need not to feel that said empowerment is a license to run roughshod over the men they date and are connected to.  Many of our women act with impunity knowing that the law is on their side and moreover they commit violence and heinous acts (bust the windows out your car) knowing if the guy comes back, then they’d still get away with it (think “Thin Line Between Love and Hate” with Lynn Whitfield).

What I do know is that after I looked at that picture up there, I realise the reality that there are now three kids and a fiancee who don’t have a father and a soon-to-be husband.

And in final news, Sarah Palin definitely gets a go saddown for her bumping heads with the Gov. Arnold Schwartzenegger over global warming, whereas she’s still debating the veracity of global warming.  She went on to call for Obama to boycott this Copenhagen conference.  Just last year she claimed Alaska’s climate was warming, but now for the sake of the national spotlight, the climate warming is now called into question. She’s becoming even more of an albatross around the necks of the GOP as she was photographed on vacation wearing a visor with John McCain’s name blacked out with a Sharpie.

I’m bizzack.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

4 thoughts on “UNN News Briefs — Sounding Off!

  1. You should do these wrap ups more often… I did a post on Loleini Tonga. Apparently her use of myspace really attracted some unwanted attention. These crazy kids these days…

  2. Congratulations on being 14 credits away from your dual masters degrees! That’s quite the feat. But travelling home for the holidays is an even bigger one lol. Personally, my plane was delayed twice and I thought I’d never get back! Your recaps were awesome, though.
    Tiger Woods? Yep. The media went too crazy. We have much more important things to discuss.
    TI? I too enjoy his music and am not ashamed to say I enjoyed ATL. But like you said, he clearly was guilty of buying ridiculous weapons and now he’s out free. Crime does pay.
    Chris Brown? Agreed. Clear out every other music CD. Not even just rap. How many rock or soul singers have done insane drugs or other illicit activities?

    I agree with Citizen Ojo. These wrap ups are great!

  3. Your blog is informative and has people divided and is there really a right and wrong. Is there a scare tactic involved that has everyone feeling this is a bad ideal.

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