It’s Finals Week…

I know I haven’t posted since before Thanksgiving, but combined with the work load increase, finals week, trying to do get my school list finalized for post-graduate (yet still graduate) studies and above all, not having internet in my residential complex, blogging is at the bottom of my things to do list.

So, I’ll holla at y’all once I depart this God-forsaken city of Atlanta and head back home for Christmas Winter Break where hopefully I’ll be rejuvenated to wrap up this final semester.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

3 thoughts on “It’s Finals Week…

  1. I commend your nerve in blogging about some of the topics which appear. It sounds as if you are a student at the infamous ITC. If so, then I can appreciate and understand why you call Atlanta god forsaken. When I did a stint at that school and city, I too felt like it was god forsaken. I do hope that the students there now are activists and not just there to get a degree and have a church!

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