Politics / The Color Line

It’s Time To Be Vigilant: Missing White Woman Syndrome Is Real

I still haven’t figured out the proper definition of “reverse racism.” Wouldn’t “reverse racism” still be considered racism? Moreover, as Keith Olbermann has done so over the past few nights with acute hilarity that the same Right-wing talking heads of Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich were claiming that current Justice Samuel Alito was the victim of … Continue reading

Politics / The Color Line

Sharing The Wealth of Nations: Judge Sonia Sotomayor as First Latina to be Nominated to SCOTUS

Now it sounded good when the name Leah Ward Sears was being thrown around for a possible nomination as Supreme Court Justice to replace retiring Justice David Souter, but I must say that I am definitely proud to see Sonia Sotomayor receive the nomination from the current President toward the Supreme Court of the United States. … Continue reading

Church and Society / Pop Culture / Theology of Preaching

This Is Why Folks Don’t Take Church Seriously Pt. III: Recreational Preaching

I think I’m squarely identifying myself as a Christian Universalist.  I am convinced that the basic tenets of Christianity provide a framework with which all can be reconciled back to the Deity in some form or fashion.  I’m sure most would disagree with this thought process, but I fully believe that all go to “heaven” … Continue reading

Pop Culture / Random Thoughts from an Uppity Negro

An Uppity Negro Response to Robert M. Franklin’s “The Soul of Morehouse and the Future of the Mystique”

Circulating around the internet since late April has been this town hall speech that the 10th president of Morehouse College, Robert Michael Franklin, delivered addressing the “Renaissance Men of Morehouse.”  He assumed the position while I was here in Atlanta after the esteemed President Walter Massey stepped down from the position.  Franklin entered the position … Continue reading