Headed Back South

Jacksonville, Florida

I didn’t hype this move up quite as much as I did last summer’s move to Washington, D.C., well, the greatness of Montgomery Country (MoCo), Maryland, but for the balance of the summer I’m headed to Jacksonville, Florida.

Yes, DUVAL County.

Home to this:

Lil’ Duval.


Aside from who else, Reggie Bush and Laveranues Cole who’s name I still mess up, I really don’t know of any famous person from there.  

So if y’all think I’m the most travelingest person ever without a job that requires me to get on the road, you’re probably right because I’ve left Atlanta, come to Chicago for a week and half, driving back down to Atlanta spend the night because I will NAWT drive 16 hours straight to J’ville. I’m supposed to get there, hopefully, sometime in the early afternoon on Monday.  I checked the forecast and when I saw a dewpoint reading of 70-degrees at 11 o’clock at night with the temp still in the 80s I was like “ohhhhhh, like New Orleans.”

Hopefully upon the reading of this I’ve put some miles behind me in the Cruise Ship headed back down south.  But I’m notorious for NOT leaving at the time I wanted especially when major luggage is being packed, such as this case.  Christmas break, when I bring home only three bags and not my whole LIFE, seems to be the only time I can get away with leaving at the appointed time.

I’ve never spent a full summer in the South.  The closest I came was Nashville and they actually claim the “Mid-South.”  And we still had one or two 100 degree weather days there.  It gonna be hot and humid, nothing I haven’t dealt with before, but damn, it’s Jacksonville.  

All I heard was that the beach was 25 minute away from downtown and that’s about all I needed to know.  I was told my office hours are 9:30-5pm barring any meetings.  It’s only going to be one week where I’m absolutely required to stay late for purposes of the job and um, Saturdays seem to be free.  And Sunday late afternoons and evenings are gonna be free.

So this is what I need from you all:

1) What beaches are the decent ones? 2) Where’s the good soul food restaurant in case I don’t feel like cooking–scratch that, y’all are on the water–where’s a good seafood restaurant cuz I loves shrimp! 3) Where’s a good place to go for drinks or a date place?  4) What neighborhoods need I not go to? (isn’t that all of Jacksonville?  LOL, J/K)

If you’re from J’ville hit me up with an email or a comment and lemme know what’s good.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

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