Managing The Meantime

unplugged cableOkay.

Here’s the lay of the land.  Simply put, I don’t have internet where I’m staying and that sucks.

The director asked me today when we went out for lunch at Piccadilly’s what were my hobbies and I realised we don’t do hobbying anymore.  Seriously, what person from my generation has a hobby?  Do we even use that word anymore?  No!  What we do is get plugged into some matrix somewhere and go into cyberspace on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter and call it a day.  And for me, of course, having NO innanets is a death sentence for a blogger.

So, in my perusal of that which is Jacksonville, Florida, yesterday all I saw were Family Dollars and Popeyes.  No Starbucks or any place of the like that offers weefee WiFi paid or free.  I passed a library over here on Edgewood in Northwest Jacksonville and said, well, push come to shove I’ll use one of their computers.  But I said there may be a chance that they have wireless.  Today, my search took me over the river on both of those two high rise bridges and as a result I discovered I won’t be making that trek again anytime soon unless a beach is my destination.  Instead I found comfort on Riverside Drive and found that which I had been feening for:

A Starbucks and Publix–both in the same lot.

**goes into a holy dance**

Then the Lord showed me favor because when I came out I smelled something that grabbed my attention.  I turned and discovered a Five Guys.

**really goes and bucks for broke**

Praise Allah.

So, I sit here in the Jacksonville Public Library (praises Be for them!) and type this blog to say that I probably won’t be blogging quite as frequently as I’d hope for.  Perhaps I will make this trek daily or a Mon, Wed, Fri thing–I just don’t know.  But, this was just to let y’all know I made it safely I’ve moved in and—-

HAHAHA!!  Yeah, the stories I have to tell already about moving in.

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Alright, here’s a quick thing that just happened in the library:

Either these are the kids who are here for some after school group or a big group of friends who are bored because of the half day.  Whatever the case is, I’m not too keen about younger black boys looking me up and down.  What’s up with that?!  Do I stick out that much over here–with a black fitted cap, black t-shirt and red one underneath.  Some slim fitting jeans, but by no means considered fitted and definitely NAWT skinny jeans.  And I got on these Jordan XI–what gives?!?!

Why do black kids do that to one another?  Is this something that happens in the Black community only or this just a people thing and I’ve just been oblivious if someone of another race did it.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

9 thoughts on “Managing The Meantime

  1. Isn’t Five Guys the place HNIC keeps hittin’ up for his burger jones in DC?
    Out here in LA you discover that the fast food burger was INVENTED out here (Mc’D’s, Wendy’s, as well as a local legend ‘Fat Burger’ which was started by Black folk!).
    As for hobbies, one of mine does involve a computer (MMOG), but the electric bass and reading books doesn’t (unless I’m using my iPhone’s Kindle app 😉

  2. Starbucks,Publix, Five guys…Hilarious!!! Sounds like you’re going to have a great summer. Make the best of it!!!!

  3. You must have forgotten that progress usually leaves the black community behind. And I’m afraid that your present place of habitation is proof of that. All the better stores go on the other side of town where there is a “market” for them. Like black folks don’t drink coffee too.

  4. I’m sorry to say this, but I have also experience others looking me up and down and these were not kids either. I don’t know if it’s a black thing, but like you I only notice it from others blacks and I’ve often wondered why. If you see someone, what does looking them up and down do? Are you trying to intimidate them? Do you like what you see?

    But instead of saying hello or striking up a conversation, they stare, judging, wondering…and I guess I’ll never understand it.

    1. Danielle, yep I always wonder if they like what they see if it’s guys, and if it’s girls, if they want to fight me. I hope they don’t cause I don’t fight fair…lol.

  5. I too experience the young boys and girls giving me the stare down at the local libraries. I’ve lived in several parts of the country, and it seems to be more prevalent in the South. It seems up North that it’s looked down upon as being nosy and perhaps something that might start a fight(?).

    Being a young multicultural woman, I wonder if the stares are just some sort of curiosity. Sometimes, I just say “hello” if they stare and they seem taken aback. I’ll never understand it.

    I hope you have an amazing Summer there! Five Guys and Sbux are my all-time favorites. ^^

    1. @CO

      The funny thing is that I’ve been going to Five Guys loooooooooooong before Obama went. I mean, I was going all last summer when I was out in Murrah-land. And my friends have been going to Five Guys long before they even knew who Obama was down in Atlanta. They’re like starbucks or mcDonalds down in Atlanta.

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