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A Sad Day For Uppity Negroes: The Day Obama threw Wright under the bus

Per The Black Snob’s list perhaps the “under the bus” phrase is over-used, however, I believe the metaphor makes sense:  Today we saw the clash of two uppity Negroes, members of the black elite have a bitter divorce on television. I’ll always remember the day, April 29th when in the middle of my Healing Miracles … Continue reading

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In Defense of the Black Church: America’s chickens are coming home to roost

Wow! I really didn’t expect to wake up at 10:30am to my friend calling me telling me that Jeremiah Wright had yet again found himself in a live news media frenzy at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  But, I’m going to keep this short, it’s finals week and per my cousin, I discovered … Continue reading

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What Is ‘Speaking Truth to Power?': Social Justice Gains Popularity

I grew up hearing the phrase “speak truth to power” and its derivatives namely from the pulpit and from my mother.  It was always used as a justification for preaching social justice sermons or putting forth a social justice message; usually in the face of a prosperity gospel preached (such as in the Word of … Continue reading

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Don’t Make Your Tomb Your Tabernacle

Just wanted to share with you all what one my school’s about to be alumni Kippie Brown preached tonight for our school’s last Ecumenical Late-Night service.  Coming from Mark 5 and the Gerasene demoniac named Legion.  In a nutshell, he simply said that it’s hard sometimes to not make the tomb our tabernacle because it … Continue reading

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I Have No Words….Detroit City Council by way of Kwame Kilpatrick

I mean wow!  I’m ashamed to be black after watching my sistah girl act like she did.  Literally ashamed. And then she committed the cardinal sin, she thoroughly emasculated a black man who finally got some powere who appears to be the elected chairman of the city council board, in front of God and everyone.  … Continue reading