Don’t Make Your Tomb Your Tabernacle

Just wanted to share with you all what one my school’s about to be alumni Kippie Brown preached tonight for our school’s last Ecumenical Late-Night service.  Coming from Mark 5 and the Gerasene demoniac named Legion. 

In a nutshell, he simply said that it’s hard sometimes to not make the tomb our tabernacle because it is there often times that we are forced to deal with ourselves.  After being away from home and being around the familiar, the tomb provides the only solitary place for one to allow one’s mind to feed only upon itself.  He of course, in wonderful Baptist tradition closed with a resurrection story, but it was after he allowed himself to be transparent as far as he was related to the text, that he provided the tear jerker.

He said (I’m paraphrasing), “Remember that Jesus had just come through a storm to get to the other side in Gerasene.  Remember that Jesus will come through a storm, just to save you.”

And that’s all I want to leave you readers with:  That no matter what, after what doctors may say, after all the conventional approaches that you’ve tried, sometimes, just sometimes, divine intervention will take places.  It is in these moments that Jesus will come through a storm just to save you!

Keep it uppity, keep it radical, JLL

One thought on “Don’t Make Your Tomb Your Tabernacle

  1. Kippie is a good friend of mine and I am exited about what God is doing through him. I remember Kippie’s first sermon when he spoke of storms and God’s grace. Kippie know firsthand of God’s grace and mercy and I am so happy that God has called and chosen him to spred the gospel with such an annointing.

    To God be the glory,


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