I Have No Words….Detroit City Council by way of Kwame Kilpatrick

I mean wow!  I’m ashamed to be black after watching my sistah girl act like she did. 

Literally ashamed.

And then she committed the cardinal sin, she thoroughly emasculated a black man who finally got some powere who appears to be the elected chairman of the city council board, in front of God and everyone.  She made the personal comment about him getting his own house together and I was like whooooa–is she aware of what she’s saying?

 I mean I’m not sure if this was a direct result of Kwame Kilpatrick getting indicted, but I’m sure this had a lot to do with it.  But after watchin Council Wars in the 1980’s in Chicago, and watching the New Orleans Public School board meeting meltdowns, I’m more inclined to say that this was business as usual in city politics where black people often are the majority.

I don’t know what lead up to this, but whatever it is, they NEED to get it together!   I refuse to go around claiming my uppity Negro status when others of us start acting like ____________.  

You fill in the blank.

Keep it uppity, and keep it radical, JLL

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