I Can’t Fit Gap Underwear!!!

At first I don’t know why this thought popped into my head, but as I sat down, with my church clothes on waiting for my calzone last night, I realized why.  Granted I’ve put on about 25lbs from when I first bought the gray slacks from Express in fall of 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, but I’m convinced they really don’t make clothes that accomodate the curves that are indicative of our African heritage.

So, to all those that say why do young men wear baggy clothes, I am here to say that, even black men have the preponderrance to have–shall we say, a little extra in some places that Gap and Express have not accomodated for. 

Let me speak from personal experience.

I bought a pair of Gap underwear, paid $12 bucks for it (I must have come into some good money if I spent 12 on a pair of underwear at that time) and when I wore them, they kept on sliding down.  I thought maybe it was the size, but I checked and realized it fit my waist just fine, but, um…other things, while walking and sitting were preventing it from staying in its proper position.  Again, last Christmas, I went to Old Navy and attempted to try on some slacks that were well within my waist and length size, but yet again, these slacks were NOT going to make it past what I had on my backside, and I could only imagine what irreparable damage it would have done squeezing you know what.

So, I don’t know how countless black men survived in years previous when they wore their pants at their waist consistently and wore what appears to be very constricting jeans and slacks.  I’m VERY thankful for the hip-hop generation bringing baggy clothes to the forefront of the black community.  Granted I’m still wavering as to whether or not older members are making a big deal about sagging as far as non-professional attire and settings are concerned, and I’m 100% against legislation that bans it, I think on some minor level it serves a function.  A function that I’m greatful for.

So, on a lighter note, keep it uppity and keep it radical, JLL

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