Prophetic Tradition Versus Priestly Tradition

So I learned a hard lesson when I preached in front of my peers the other week: Not everyone can handle what you say across from the pulpit. From being accused of plagiarism (yes, again) to being accused of not remaining biblically accurate, I got the whole gamut of concerns surrounding my sermon.  In a […]

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Speaking Truths That Empower

Most liberals are familiar with the phrase “[speak] truth to power” which I always loosely associated with social justice messages, particularly those from the pulpit.  But, when pressed on the issue, I wasn’t able to give a cogent definition of what the “truth” was and let alone what the “power” was.  So when I heard […]

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This Is Why Folks Don’t Take Church Seriously Pt. III: Recreational Preaching

I think I’m squarely identifying myself as a Christian Universalist.  I am convinced that the basic tenets of Christianity provide a framework with which all can be reconciled back to the Deity in some form or fashion.  I’m sure most would disagree with this thought process, but I fully believe that all go to “heaven” […]

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Creating Community

Last year, around finals, I was in the barbershop for about two hours.  Partially because my barber always runs about 15-30 minutes behind schedule (not a big deal, I’m used to it) and my friend was in the chair behind me.  So they all know that we go to “that preacher school” up the street, […]

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Don’t Hate on My Swagger

Raving Black Lunatic wrote a while back about swagger in regards to Barack Obama and this whole idea of him coming off as overconfident, and arrogant and dare I say–uppity.  But, I debated after hearing yesterday’s sermon from Rev. Otis Moss III as to whether or not I wanted to write about swagger, and I […]

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