Further Uppity Updates: Hell Week

hell week

Okay, so this week has been my hell week on my internship.  There’s a 9am-2pm session with a bunch of nine and ten year olds, and then we reconvene for the evening session from 5:30-8:30pm with a whole group of kids, pre-K through 12th grade here where I’m interning.  It’s just a week long session, but as you see I’ve been a bit out of it.

Apparently if I did create a Facebook y’all would follow me so thanks!!!  **big thumbs up**  I’ll keep you posted when that date arrives.

Also, I’m without CNN this summer.

So that means that I’m going to miss the “Black in America Part 2” this summer amongst other news goings-on as well.  Don’t worry, I heard about the Palin-Letterman feud and all its random fury and most certainly about the Iranian elections and how Mahmoud Ahmadenjad is cutting the straight fool over there.  But as always, much of my blogs are dictated by some rather personal experiences.  So stay tuned because I’m most certainly going to blog about the generation gap that I’ve experienced first hand here at my internship between the older adults and the very young children, or rather the adults that seem to have forgotten that they were once kids themselves.

I’m feeling much better than I was this time last week.  I was diagnosed with acute tonsilitis last week, and the antibiotics had killed it within 36 hours and I had broken the fever which was the main reason I had been dragging so much.  But, alas, I’m still here.  I have a busy weekend coming up and don’t worry Max Reddick, I haven’t forgotten about you–there’s still much summer to go, just been a very busy man since I’ve gotten here.

So stay tuned, drop those emails about some ideas and thoughts you’d like to see me blog about and keep my updated seeing as how my usual sources have been somewhat cut off.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

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