An Uppity Update

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So just a poll how many of you all would follow me on Facebook?

Tryna see if I want to make a full new Facebook account or just keep it as is.  Also, another housekeeping note:  I’m not super great with the emails people have been sending me as far as adspace is concerned, but for me WordPress doesn’t seem to offer enough working space for me to a lot of stuff.  

And yet another car issue cropped up today.

Well, I think its been there cuz I noticed it on the trip down here, but I didn’t realize it until today.  The left and middle blowers in my car were blowing out COLD air, but the passenger side ones were blowing out mildly warm air.  And when I closed the passenger side blowers the other blowers started blowing out warmer air.  I don’t have duel controls for the car so I was trying to figure out WTF?!?!?  Any ideas as to what happened y’all?

But just take the poll y’all!!!!  Thanks!!

Keep it uppity and truthfully radical, JLL


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