I Have No Words…Hillary Clinton’s Name to Appear on DNC Nominating Ballot

I really didn’t plan for this to my first post after coming back from my internship in DC, but then I again, I didn’t plan on waking up to see an AP News headline that Hillary Clinton‘s name would be on the ballot.

I mean, aint that bout a–well, she’s sho nuff acting like one.

Yeah, I said it and I aint taking it back.

Let the record show, I don’t use that word a lot, not even in slang, but she’s really acting like a dog a far as I’m concerned; a mere low-level creature.  I mean, this post isn’t to justify my reasons for calling her that, but my seriously my level of pissivity is at an all-time high with her.  I gave her a pass more or less when she rbroke down in tears in New Hampshire.  And then I just discounted her as a fool with those sideways campaigns in West Virginia and Pennsylvania primaries.  I was officially through with her the week before June 6th when Obama was the last one standing as she declared that she was merely “suspending” her campaign.

And then it got worser.

According to all news reports this morning, this heffa got her name on the ballot. 

I was a bit confused, I thought she had dropped out the campaign–why was it even a question for her to be on the nominating ballot.  In an August 7th story, ABC News reported:

Asked whether or not her name would be placed into nomination at the convention, Clinton did not rule out the possibility and said, “Senator Obama and I share the goal of ensuring that the voices of everyone who participated in this historic process are respected.”

Clinton’s Thursday Web chat follows remarks she made to a gathering of supporters last week during which the New York senator said she’s looking for a “strategy” for her delegates to have their voices heard and “respected” at the Democratic National Convention.

Did the report just say “her delegates” as if she’s still a contender?

What most people, even myself had forgotten is that she “suspended” her campaign.  And she was quite clear about it.  She did not drop out, therefore she retained all of her delegates.  The primary process for getting on the nominating ballot is that the candidate must sign off on the delegate petition.

That means this ish was planned from day one.

The suspension of the campaign was an orchestrated event so that what’s happening would in fact happen.  If this had been Jesse Jackson back in 1988, I would have said sure, go for it and lemme tell you why.  Jesse Jackson had some different issues to bring to the table, especially issues dealing with farmers rights, and he quickly knew how to tell folks if “the question is moot” on the right issues: Jackson would have brought some fresh air to the stage.  I’ll even say I would have been behind Clinton if she had up against, um…a Joe Biden, I’da said go for it.  But, as everyone said back in January, it would have to be an Obama to go up against the Clinton’s.

I mean, the Clinton’s eerily remind me of the national version of the Chicago Democratic Machine–ergo Hizzoner Mayor Richard M. Daley.

7 Nov 2007 (AP News)

Also, allegedly she’s doing this for “history.”

That’s another lie, a woman was on the ballot in 1964, U.S. Senator Margaret Smith and U.S. Rep. Shirley Chisolm in 1972.

And if that wasn’t enough, folks want Chealsea to introduce mom’s so that eventually all of the Clinton’s will have podium time.

This is ALL personal.

She does not care about these delegates, but I think this is even more clear that there are some jealousy issues with Obama–naturally so, but still.  If she thinks that this is adding to party unity, then she’s clearly on permanent vacation in Hillaryville, Lala-Land.

OMG…this is a family blogsite, and I’ve already overstepped my boundaries by referring to Hillary as I did, but damn.  I have a LOT of choice, four letter words for this shambles of American politicking.

Clinton said she wanted her supporters to leave the convention feeling their voices were heard and satisfied with Obama as the nominee.

“I mean everybody comes, and they want to yell and scream and have their opportunity, and I think that’s all to the good, because then, you know, everybody can go, ‘OK, great. Now let’s go out and win.’ ”

The former first lady immediately shot down the notion that she might try to upstage Obama.

“Since the delegate count is so close … what if you are called up for nomination and what if you do win by a narrow margin?” a questioner asked her at the event.

“That is not going to happen, not going to happen. Look, what we want to have happen is for Sen. Obama to be nominated by a unified convention of Democrats,” she said.  CNN News

Look, I’m just not convinced that beyond the shadow of a doubt that she won’t win a state or two that she shouldn’t have.  And even if the delegates do what they’re supposed do and ultimately vote for Obama, for the delegates that feel as though they’ve been disinfranchised, be it legitimate or not with the Michigan and Florida voters (who I think they’re ultimate beef is in fact with Clinton who fully agreed to not campaign there, but then when she realised her dream was slipping, she wanted to count them) they are STILL going to be pissed.

Let them be pissed.

Fannie Lou Hamer was prolly more than pissed back in 1964 with the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and I’m convinced that Hamer had far more pressing concerns than what Hillary is suggesting that her delegates (I’m mad I even have to call them still “her delegates”) need as far as “validation.”

It’s official now, Hillary Clinton is a number one d-bag, and her husband is a turd sandwich.

I don’t like them and I DO NOT wish them the best in life.

I swear, I’ll cry bloody murder if this thang splits the convention floor with this roll call vote, and as God as my witness, I’ma find some money and fly to Denver cuz I got some Clinton butt to kick.

So am I that far off base wanting to royally kick the Clinton’s collective ass?  I mean what PLANET is Hillary living on?  Do you think that she had this planned from the moment Obama won the Iowa primary and she her butt served to her by coming in LAST PLACE (3rd)?

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

3 thoughts on “I Have No Words…Hillary Clinton’s Name to Appear on DNC Nominating Ballot

  1. Uppity i really think the Clinton’s are trying to re-establish their relevancy in the party. Bill isn’t clocking the big dough he was getting paid to speak. They started hearing doors slam in their faces and they can’t handle it. Black folks aren’t feeling them and a bunch of white folks are feeling free of their bully machine. Hillary is on a precipice right now, if she doen’t play this right, they can both kiss their political cache goodbye. They want the world to know that they still have juice in the party-even though we know they really don’t. Bill wants to be the OG but he can’t because of the dirty crap he did during the primary and his obvious lack of support now. Hillary will be lucky to have any relevance in the senate-they better play their cards right.

  2. @ dana c

    My apologies, but I don’t think WordPress or even Google, to my knowledge offers spellcheck in the comment boxes.

    But thanks for leaving a comment. I don’t really have a response because I more or less agree with you.

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