Are We Being Fair to Kwame Kilpatrick?

Christine Beatty, Kilpatrick's chief of staff and Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

Actually, it was totally laughable earlier the last seven days. 

On August 8th, Detroit’s mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick officially shamed much of Black America when he got arrested.

The Black blogosphere went crazy and we all started quoting random facts about blacks living in cities, mentioning the Chocolate Cities of Washington, D.C., Cleveland, Gary, Ind., Chicago and New Orleans to name a few talking about the abysmal leadership of many of the black elected officials in many of these municipalities.

Then I ran across this YouTube video on AverageBro.

Yeah, that’s his mama.  Clearly we’ve got work to do.

And then of course, it reminded me of U.S. Rep. John Conyers wife Monica and just the supreme negritude that she displayed in that now infamous Detroit City Council meeting.

And then her equally horrid response to an eighth grader.

My fellow, now graduated seminarian Supreme Uppity, who’s from Detroit told me about Monica Conyers and just how much of a mess she is.  He told me his sister had planned to work for her, but she had punched someone out back in the day, and even his sister, who has a temper realised she was crazy.  And also my friend COGIC Kidwho worked in John Conyers office while he was at Howard University in undergrad told me that Monica would call the office and snap saying “Lemme speak to my huzzzband!” and that he was ready to go off because he didn’t know who she was.

And yeah, I should do a post echoing the sentiments of another blogger by asking the question “What About Our Daughters?” because I think there was something inherently bad by Monica not engaging that clearly bright young lady.

So after one judge said he could go to the Convention, another circuit court judge denied Kilpatrick traveling rights.  This happened because of the federal charges he’s facing along with charges from the Wayne County DA office.

Well, my lil conspiracy wheels got to turning.

Obama and company wouldn’t want him to be there because he’s in the perfect position, as a superdelegate for the Clinton’s to bail him out, just so that he could come out in support, or a vote, for Hillary.

Meh, I know it’s a stretch, but this is politics that we’re talking about.  People get bought out and bought off EVERY single day! 

I’m not putting it past them Clintons.

I don’t know much about Kwame, but I know that many black people in the country when he first got elected were more than quite happy to see a young brother, who had no problems wearing his earring and embodying hip hop be the mayor of a major city.  Now, I’m not from Detroit, so I don’t know about him prior to his first election, but as far as the public was concerned, I thought he was a decent enough guy–and then he got tripped up.

What I’ve always said is that corruption and bad decision making (ie him sending text messages to ol’ girl) happens regardless, but what I fail to understand is that why do we as black people think that for some WEIRDO reason that in this country that we wouldn’t get prosecuted for it–trust me, the white folk can get away with it, and we can’t.  Am I saying it’s a double standard? Yes, but what kind of double standard is there–wrong is still wrong.  It’s just messed up that he’s the only one suffering the consequences of his actions.

But, I’ll leave you with this last clip.  Its from March, so clearly his latest assault charges for pushing an officer and his recent arrests weren’t even remotely an issue and is embattled administration was still an in-house thing.  I don’t know, nor am I attempting to know anything about Detroit politics.  I intially gave this story a rather dull title “Obama disinvites Kilpatrick to the DNC,” but after going to the barbershop today, and just watching this following clip, I really am wondering–are we being fair?  Clearly most of us passing judgment aren’t from Detroit, what do we really know in the first place.

Do you think Kwame should exercise his right to attend the Convention if a judge allows him?  Do you think Obama has a valid reason why he shouldn’t attend the Convention?  Am I really channeling my inner conspiracist by linking the Clintons with Kilpatrick?  Also, what do you think needs to be done about Miss Monica Conyers–or am I the only one who thinks she has a problem.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

2 thoughts on “Are We Being Fair to Kwame Kilpatrick?

  1. Thank you uppity negro for saying it like it is.

    Great blog! Keep up speaking the troot.

    I will comment more when I have more time.


    – Buck

    New Orleans
    (A town you refer to, though not always for the right reasons. I can help you wit dat).

  2. @Buck

    Well, I lived there for three years and ended up leaving as a result of Katrina. I’m not saying that makes me a native or nun like that, but I think I’m a bit more qualified to talk about some NOLA things than maybe some others.

    And I’ve yet to do a blog fully dedicated to New Orleans. Real talk, I love New Orleans with all my heart. I love the people down there, can’t wait to get a chance to go back down there and visit. And I still have a good bunch of my friends still living down there.

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