What I Missed This Week…

First, lemme give a shoutout to Field Negro for talking so much about Philadelphia, so that when I spent this past week up there, I kind of had a different feel for what the city had to offer and what was going on socially, culturally and politically with the city.

For those who haven’t been keeping up I went on a youth missions trip with my organization out here in Gaithersburg and it was definitely an eye-opening experience.  I had been debating all week just how to blog about my experiences, do it as a Philadelphia Day 1, Day 2 thing or just do topical blogs.  Seeing as how my memory about each day is fading with the moment, I think I’m going to do topical entries.

This should prove interesting because we went to a women’s emergency shelter on Arch Street off of Broad Street and I got to go to the Reading Terminal Market and the last two days we did programming with the neighborhood kids of the Fishtown community got to go to Slacks on Aramingo Avenue.  We got to take the “El” (I thought that just Chicago though) to do some wack scavenger hunt in Center City by Independence Hall and what not as well.

I definitely want to write about new found identity as a black man in this society because it is finally starting to wear on me being around white people 24/7.  I was so happy to meet the women at the shelter because honestly, they made number four and five of the black people that I’ve had full conversations with starting May 22.  Talking to the youth, I also realised that I officially have a new soapbox platform of confroting anti-intelligence in the US particularly among our youth (yeah, I think I definitely need to be a professor or something), because I saw the potential there, but it seems like these kids just aren’t challenged for fear of being offensive.  Finally, I need to vent fully about the difference between being culturally aware and being culturally sensitive.

And how did I miss this comment from Jesse Jackson referring to Obama’s “nuts” I mean, for a semi-news junkie compared to many others, even I went through withdrawal this past week because I couldn’t see news, for whatever reason, I couldn’t find a Philadelphia Inquirer to read what happened, and I refuse to give FoxNews any more of my ratings.  So, as late as it may be, this will be a post of mine soon to come.

So stayed tuned readers.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

One thought on “What I Missed This Week…

  1. Black..White..segregation. Whites have evolved much farther, as far as desegregating. Whites hardly ever refer to black or white. Political correctness has successfully seen to that. When I see blacks desegregate themselves, we will at last be living Dr. King’s dream! No more BET, NAACP, all SEGREGATION! I yearn for equality!

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