An Uppity Update

I’m going to be in Philadelphia all of next week.  I hope everyone continues to leave comments, even though they won’t be shown because I have to moderate them.  I’ll be back with you all come sometime the week of July 12th.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

3 thoughts on “An Uppity Update

  1. You can’t say Al Sharpton has charlatan proclivities and then call people haters when they don’t like him. Maybe it’s because he has charlatan proclivities?

    Ya think?

    It’s cool if you don’t believe Obama is going to look out for black folks. I think he’ll look out for us at least as much as the Clintons did and that means life should get better in a lot of ways.

    Also, I don’t care if Obama didn’t got to Memphis. Ain’t no law saying you have to go to Memphis on MLK’s birthday. Hillary and McCain went there to pander, Obama gave the most truthful speech on race ever given by a mainstream politician. Adds up to me.

    Finally, I came to the realization a long time ago that Obama is not me. That means he doesn’t do stuff the way I would do it, or behave how I want him to behave. He has his own life, his own beliefs and his own way of handling things. Now, if I feel like his beliefs are out of line with mine, then I won’t support him. I don’t feel that way. I think the brother and I see the world differently, but the differences we have are not so big that I need to stop supporting him.

    That’s just me.

    ( I commented over here because I wanted to let your comment stand as it was without me trying to rebuke you. I don’t think that fosters debate.)

  2. um, iono which blog to respond on, lol.

    My soapbox is, and seems to be a platform I’ll be hollering for quite sometime is that folks, black, white, red, yellow are anti-intelligence.

    Perhaps I didn’t explain right, given my post-Philly trip daze, but the hateration that folks give Jesse and Al, and Rev. Wright to some extent comes from a bad perspective. Just in the car back down here, this one lady was talking about how they come off, and I said is it how they come off or is it how they’re perceived? This other young lady gave a good rebuttal by saying that it’s one job to clear up perception, and I agree with that 100%.

    The people hatin’ saying Jesse and Al are in it for the money, well, aren’t we all? There is no one out there who’s not trying to get paid, there is no great charge out there for money laundering, perhaps a finagling of opportunities that enrich their coffers, but we’ve all done that before, and perhaps done so at the cost of innocent people. Also, the idea of Jesse having the baby out of wedlock is like the pot calling the kettle black: it reeks of triviality in the minds of conservative thought processes, and do we NOT all have sins that we pray each and everyday that God doesn’t let come to the light—I know I got my FAIR share.

    For instance, how many people listen to Al’s radio show?

    **cricket, cricket**

    Most say no, or somehow avoid the question. I’d challenge people to read speeches by Jesse Jackson, or somehow listen to his PUSH speeches on Saturday morning and see what he’s talking about when the national media isn’t there. Listen to Al and find out where he’s going during the week and the national media isn’t there. Even the Genarlow Wilson case, as big as it was, was NOT covered en masse by MSM, and Al Sharpton was there. We hear from Al Sharpton like four or five times a year, Jena, La. or the Bell case up in NYC and we think that he’s ALL over the TV screen.

    So, Al does a CNN interview here or there, so what–I say be open to change your own perspective. And the same goes for me as well.


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