Lawyer: Shooting suspect attacked by ‘lynch mob’


Revving the thunderous engines of their muscle cars, blocking off the street, and using the N-word to call out their teenage foe, the five young men who came to John White’s home in the middle of the night on Aug. 9, 2006, had bad intentions, White’s attorney said yesterday.

And it was those intentions that got Daniel Cicciaro Jr. killed, he told jurors on the first day of the manslaughter trial of the black Miller Place man accused of fatally shooting the white teen.

“They were a mob,” Paul Gianelli, of Hauppauge, told jurors. “It was a lynch mob.”
But prosecutor James Chalifoux told jurors the case was not about racism, underage drinking, or Cicciaro’s actions.

“John White’s actions are why he’s here. John White’s actions are why you are all here,” Chalifoux said. “John White’s actions are why Daniel Cicciaro is not here.”

White, 53, is charged with second-degree manslaughter and third-degree weapons possession in the incident, in which prosecutors say he shot Cicciaro, 17, in the face in front of the driveway of White’s Miller Place home. Gianelli contends the shooting was accidental.

Opening statements in the trial took place in a tense Riverhead courtroom. On one side, there were friends and relatives of Cicciaro – some bearing tattoos of “Dano Jr.” On the other were White’s supporters, including members of the Brookhaven NAACP chapter.

Cicciaro’s father, Daniel Sr., declined to comment.

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One thought on “Lawyer: Shooting suspect attacked by ‘lynch mob’

  1. I read the story and a few comments and feel that there is an interesting backstory that may or may not be told to most readers’ satisfaction. It will be interesting how Mr. White fares throughout this ‘pyschic trauma’ reaction (think lynch mobs). Mr. White is old enough to have not so distant (for him) family memory of whites out for a little sport that ended with strange fruit swinging from deeply rooted trees and the recent noose threats. Never again.

    Thanks for the link!

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