The Honey Bunches of Oat’s Lady

Is she really that happy from making cereal?  Or have we really been that bamboozled–allowing the energetic African American lady holler like that from the truck with the hair net and glasses…

“You’re unnecessarily perky…and you remind me of my French teacher from grammar school…and I didn’t like my French teacher when I was a kid…”

JLL, meh, keep it uppity


3 thoughts on “WE MAKE A LOT OF CEREAL HERE!!!!

  1. Hopefully your grammar school French teacher bears no ill-will toward the current goals of one of her star pupils. Keeping it uppity is what you’re about–right? Why did the happy cereal lady make you think of your French teacher? And did your not liking her make you dislike the happy cereal lady… what in self-actualization makes not-so-veiled insults okay?

    The bamboozle point is on point and well taken, though it appears that the teacher remark ruins the impact. Keep keeping it uppity!

  2. it wasn’t an insult against my grammar school french teacher, but rather it was a play on words on something that had happened here at my school.

    What reminded me of my french teacher was rather the happy cereal lady’s glasses. The style was quite in-vogue for the late 1980’s and into the early 1990’s. But as for the new millenium, its quite passe.

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