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Why I’m Against The 2016 Summer Olympics in Chicago?

I guess with the Today Show doing a piece on Chicago’s Olympic bid for the 2016 Summer Games earlier this week, it solidified that the rest of the country was aware of the city’s bid.  And I guess it was the beginning of the country’s rallying cry to the International Olympic Committee for the Games … Continue reading

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Beware The Spirit Killers: Bridging the Gap Between The Elders and the Joshua Generation

Given my current line of work, I interact often with youth.  Last week was definitely the case seeing as how I worked in the morning with a bunch of nine and ten year olds and in the evening I worked heavily with a middle school/junior high school bunch of school aged children.   Thank God I … Continue reading

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So We Finally Got An Apology for Slavery–and then they took it back

I haven’t time right now to write a whole post about it and since I got an email about this Essence article from a fellow reader, I’ve decided to post the Essence magazine article entitled “Is Sorry Enough? Black Lawmakers Respond to Senate’s Apology for Slavery” written by Cynthia Gordy and let you all discuss it … Continue reading