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UNN Celebrates the First Day of Kwanzaa

In the spirit of uppity Negroness I just want to state that a good uppity Negro celebrates Kwanzaa because it is a cultural holiday that celebrates our African Americanness.  It is a uniquely African American holiday that was founded in 1966 by Malauna Karenga.  Now, I thought it was interesting that a well-respected blogger who’s … Continue reading

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More Food For Thought on this Christmas

I really don’t have any words of Uppity Negro Knowledge to drop on y’all.  Most of y’all already know that this really isn’t Jesus’ actual birthday, but okay, this is the time we pick to celebrate it.  So I don’t have to remind you.  Hopefully everyone’s families are treating them well and no one cut’s … Continue reading

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The New Face of Hip Hop

Sometime last week, while I was mid crisi mode about exams and what not, Chicago born rapper Common dropped a quote to linking President-elect Barack Obama to the hip hop community. Obama “is going to change hip-hop for the better,” predicted the rapper, whose eighth album, “Universal Mind Control” (G.O.O.D. Music/Geffen), hits shelves Tuesday. “I … Continue reading