An Uppity Update

chicago-winterMy mind is already back in Chicago, ready for a good down home Chicago winter.  Where you’re guaranteed one good snow storm and the people bust out the lawn chairs and broom sticks and God knows what else to save a parking spot after toiling a few hours in the cold to dig their car out from the narrow Chicago side streets.

I need to bring my mind back to Atlanta because I have finals for the rest of week, but it’s still pretty laid back–meaning I can stay up till like 4 in the morning watching DVDs or on the phone and wake up after 12pm and not suffer any consequences.  That being said, I’m taking a blogging break officially (versus my unofficial ones) so, don’t expect another blog until December 16th next Tuesday when I’ll be safely back home in Chicago for Winter Break.

So here are a few things ruminating in my little brain that you should expect to hear full posts about:

Yes, I am an unashamed and unapologetic OJ Simpson supporter.  I don’t think he did it, and I think it’s really ashamed how most people have ignorantly just said he’s getting his just deserts from the 1995 murder trial.

This whole idea about generational curses. It was a topic that I heard about on Al Sharpton’s show earlier today and I was thoroughly turned off when I heard a pastor from Cleveland or Cincinatti from God’s Will _______ Church go on and on about various “spirits” that are “on” family members that get passed down.  As far as spirits of alcoholism, sexual abuse, etc.  I’m sure he’s of the school of thought that homosexuality is a spirit as well.

Also, this notion of religious complexities.  Many black folk listen to Michael Baisden and he’s like a perfect mix of Al Sharpton and Warren Ballentine (honestly, if that man has a radio talk show, I’m fully qualified to get my own show as well.)  Baisden, as most listeners know isn’t a religious person, and as he was talking about their Miami shindig or whatnot, he was wondering if he could invite Christians to the nude beaches and could they drink.  Well, Juan D had went on that Christians shouldn’t do this.  Anywho, I tuned out quickly, then some lady called in, or she mighta been a regular, and she said she had no problem drinking or going to a nude beach while being a Christian.  Juan D challenged her Christianity.

Now, here’s where I got off.  Homegirl started using the story of Nicodemus and Jesus and she started getting heavy real quick and after she was done, aside from the fact that I really didn’t get what point she was making, Michael Baisden said “You know I don’t understand anything you’re talking about.”

Seriously, we use words in the Christian church that it wasn’t until THIS YEAR, my third year in seminary that I understood.  Seriously, I challenge anyone to tell me the definition of “sanctification” and “justification” in 5 words or less.  We say that Christianity is user friendly–I beg to differ.

And then there’s the governor of my home state who I voted for Rod Blagojevich who as far as I’m concerned is the product of old Chicago Democratic machine politics.  One would think that after Tony Rezko that folks would stop playing around with U.S. Dist. Atty Patrick Fitzgerald who put away our former governor, who I didn’t vote for George Ryan.  That being said, I’m just waiting for the warrant to be signed for the arrest of Hizzoner Mayor Richard M. Daley.  Seriously, if Daley ever got arrested while in office, some movie producer would already be churning out a script. 

I’m also musing going to a different blogosphere home still free, but a home where I can put a poll unattached to a post, and where I can drop a book list as well.  How many of you all would follow me to another blog home?

So, since I’m on official blogging vacation until next week, I’m going to try an open thread again with a twist.  Check out the new pic on the About page, and ya know, I’m asking for all of you all to shoot an email or drop a question in the comments section about anything you want to ask me.  Like I would love to have ideas for my most underused blog categories such as Fried Chicken and Watermelon nonsense, and feel free to nominate someone for Uppity Awards (I’m pretty sure you know the qualifications by now).

And I mean thoroughly open thread–any question, no holds barred.

Perhaps I’ll post your question and my response to the question.  Make ’em good.  It doesn’t have to be personal necessarily, it could be as general as “What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken?” or “How do you like living in Atlanta?”  I’ll answer it, I promise.  So shoot an email or leave a comment on the comment pages.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

One thought on “An Uppity Update

  1. Uppity: You don’t believe that OJ did it? I’m guessing that you’re leaving some milk and cookies out for Santa after he drops down the chimney while hoping he’ll leave a copy of “If I Did It” underneath your Christmas tree.

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