This Week In Review….UNN News Briefs

The last seven days has been one of a news reporters–or bloggers–dream.  From President Barack Obama’s speech to the school kids of America on their first day, to his health care speech with South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson, to Kanye West acting a fool last night and Serena Williams meltdown.

First, it wasn’t until last week that I caved into the now more popular belief than ever that most of this stuff happening under the Obama administration is because he is black.  Yup, you heard it here.  Most people who have read my blog know that I may use the race card and invoke race into a situation, but I’m quite slow, quite slow to actually go so far as to label a specific someone or entity racist.  Well, I’m still not going so far as to label South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson (R) a racist, but I most certainly will say that he’s highly xenophobic and that remark was a result of inane hatred for “the other.”

So I guess that makes him a bigot?

Well, the topic of the heckling was around immigrant and illegal aliens receiving funds for healthcare.  All fact checks by reputable sources sided with the president’s comment that in fact they will not receive healthcare.  Yes, some critics have rightly pointed out, at least in my opinion, that doctors have a moral obligation to treat anyone that walks through their doors illegal alien or not, but, for the sake of argument, Wilson was wrong in his statement–and of course just plain out of order.

The xenophobia arises because I’m quite sure that when Wilson and many others think illegal alien their mind immediately jumps to our brown sisters and brothers from Mexico.  For most of us who are the descendants of slaves, the level of ancestral hypocrisy raises such a high stench it’s mostly unbearable.  Most of us are aware that a) Anglo-Saxons are immigrants themselves b) These Anglo-Saxons murdered native American Indian tribes and commandeered land from the Mexicans (which I guess are some ad-mixture of European Spaniards and native Mayan?) in the name of Manifest Destiny c) These same Anglo-Saxons had the nerve to call for immigration control in the 1920s when hoardes of Europeans decided to do what they had done about century and a half ago.

Lawwwd, Americans sure can work my nerves sometimes.

I guess, given the state of affairs, it shouldn’t be any wonder that there are numerous clips of people saying “God Bless Joe Wilson” and of course Rush Limbaugh said he was right in his assessment.  But even Limbaugh, in the clip I heard was careful enough to not outright endorse such kind of treatment toward a sitting president of the United States.

Fact of the matter is that the conservative rhetoric in this country, which I guess should be more aptly named the anti-Obama rhetoric, has stirred up the pot so much that death threats toward this president are up 400% and remember Bush’s approval ratings were in the twenties when he left and Obama is still comfortably over 50%.  This type of rhetoric spurred this anemic “march on washington” that the Teabaggers attempted to pull off this past Saturday on with a logo that may have some Communist inspirations (no, I’m not making this up) and they have stirred it up so much that it’s clear that this type of rhetoric has the Democrats and progressives on the ropes.  At least on the Teabggin front, I think we’ve started to see the steam run out of that movement–if it ever was one in the first place.  But let them tell it, some accounts have it over a million people showed up to protest the levying of federal taxes.  I’m with AverageBro on this one–I was at the damn inauguration, and I know about the Million Man March and I know what a million people on the National Mall looks like, and it would have been more than news worthy if that many people had shut down DC on a Saturday.

So, how about a cup of Fall Back!

And historically, Democrats and progressives are not the Muhammad Ali of the ring.

Generally, we’re gonna end up waiting for the KO and that’ll be all she wrote.  This anti-Obama, xenophobic and perhaps even racist rhetoric seems to have the upper hand.  Hopefully Obama isn’t in campaign mode for 2012, but damn, with this supermajority in the Senate and the clear majority in the House, it still seems that they can’t get anything done.  By the same token, last week when the Obama administration quickly resubmitted the curriculum document to teachers, anyone with half a brain could see that this comes off as an admittance of wrong doing.

Oh and not to mention that they treated Van Jones like a kite caught in a tree–they cut the line so quick he didn’t even have time to blink.  This added more fuel to the flames for foolish thinking.  Now people across the country think Glenn Beck can dictate White House staff.  Well, if that’s the case, I do suggest Beck go after Robert Gibbs, he’s just tiring to me.

And Obama’s school speech last week.

About that foolishness surrounding it.

The clip is at the front, but I think this clip sums it all up and just how misguided we are as a country.

I mean we’re talking about his rhetoric and saying that he’s trying to use his star power and what not to communicate the evils of Socialism and Communism to the young children of this country.

Riiiiight–after we elected a B-list actor to the Presidency and named him “The Great Communicator” because of his speaking skills.


Apparently, this must be the week of apologies because apparently people are asking for one from both Kanye West and Serena Williams to apologize for their random outbursts.  Yesterday, at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA’s) apparently Kanye West didn’t appreciate the fact that this unknown artist to me–Taylor Swift–won for the best female music video.  He just had to let everyone know that Beyonce Knowles had a good video.

Now I didn’t see this live, but I saw it this morning on a news clip (because of course they are NAWT letting this on YouTube or anything like it), and frankly, the whole thing looked a bit staged.  Or at least it seemed that way to me how the clips were spliced together.  Perhaps that’s projection on my own part because Beyonce just seemed a bit too relaxed to me.  If I had been her, I woulda found a program and hid behind it embarrassed as hell.  But, Beyonce made it up and asked for this lil girl Taylor Swift to come back out on stage and have her “moment.”

I guess.

And then Serena had her meltdown.  I guess she was channeling her inner John McEnroe.  She was fined the largest fine possible.  But, ya know what–ish happens.  I think that’s what I learned this last week.  We are really more ruled by our emotions than anything else.  And I think what most of the people found at the center of these various controversies, Joe Wilson, Serena Williams and Kanye West have in common (weird bunch aint it?) is that they all were passionate about something and they spoke before they thought out how it would end in the long run.

I think all three of those people live the lives where their “station” in life can afford them to have such an outburst and live to tell about it.  I doubt Serena is going to miss a meal even if she does get her over quarter-million dollar winnings taken from her; Kanye’s next CD is still going to do well (and I’m sure his lil outburst helped out Taylor Swift in her field as well, in fact she should be thanking him!) and last I heard Rep. Joe Wilson got over $1,000,000.00 in donations in just the last week–which means people outside his district and the state were mailing in monies.

And that all would have happened whether any of them apologized or not.

I guess the effed up thing is that had either me or you had a meltdown like that at our day job–we CLEARLY would have been looking for a new job.

Well, I heard there’s a new position for a green energy czar in NW DC.  Mail your resume’s to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, DC 20500.

What are you thoughts on Joe Wilson, Serena Williams and Kanyeezy?  Should any of them had apologized for their words and behavior?  Why or why not?

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

6 thoughts on “This Week In Review….UNN News Briefs

  1. Well I certainly would be looking for work if I’d had a meltdown on the job. You, on the other hand, might get away with it though.

    At least where I work, it’s harder to terminate a minority than a Straight, White Male.

      1. OK, that – in specific context – is probably true.

        You may get more of that though because of the amount of racialist content in 1st two-thirds of the post.

  2. Before witnessing the mindrape that was Campaign 2008, I would have sworn up and down that no whites, save for proud White Nationalists, would have the nerve to display such blatant racism as was seen in various quarters. Looking at blogs like AverageBro’s and those of various others has also been somewhat of an eye-opener as far as the racism angle goes. However, I still can’t bring myself to believe that the main motivator for the majority of these dunces is Obama’s genetic makeup. It just seems so….gratuitous.
    It was the same reason I had trouble letting myself believe, back in 2003, that the main reason Bush/Cheney wanted to barge into Iraq was OIL. Again, it just seemed so gratuitous. So obvious. VULGARLY so.

    So of course, I figured it couldn’t be true. Right? RIGHT?

    Admittedly, I don’t do well when forced to contemplate sheer illogic. I give people the benefit of the doubt that there’s some rational explanation behind their behavior. I am, of course, roundly ridiculed for this, and it’s probably deserved.
    (On NO front is this more depressing than when contemplating senseless street violence.)

    People like Obama, and most of the other people whose lives lead them to the modern Democratic Party, all seem to have this trait. This of course is why they end up being knife-wielders at Republican-led gunfights.

    1. @ Marbles

      I’m more or less like you. Don’t want to jump to it that quickly–but damn, Wilson jumped all kinds of protocol. I mean ALL kinds of protocol and folks are actually excusing it. I mean totally excusing it. If there’s some other reason, PUH-lease tell me so I can recant this article. Like I said, I was slow to make that connection, but damn, I don’t know how else to explain it.

      1. Well, if you actually want another explanation other than the convenient one, I’ll try to give you one.

        One – Wilson has done this sort of thing before. He’s somewhat known for such outbursts. This time it was Obama on the receiving end.

        Two – Obama WAS lying in the sense that he was being disingenuous about whether the current bill in the House would allow illegals to get coverage at the taxpayers’ expense.

        Since Wilson’s outburst the Senate has corrected the wording in their bill and the White House has issued a memo saying -for what it’s worth – that Obama won’t sign legislation without such a correction.

        Rude is rude, but Obama and his Liberals only seem to correct themselves when harshly publicly called out.

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