Friday Fool Fest from Facebook



It’s Friday, I’m COMPLETELY burned out from this semester and I still have two more papers to finish.  But, to ease the pain of this semester and the withdrawal symptoms I’m enduring, I’ve discovered this new app on Facebook where they design quizzes to help determine personalities, which city you should live in, how many kids you’ll have when you get older.   Complete foolishness!  They’re designed by other users and most of them have no rhyme or reason to them as far as the results.   

So, I was taking this one quiz “What is is your TRUE INNER NATIONALITY” and the following was the first question:

Suppose one of your good friends confessed that he or she is in love with a monkey. The friend wants the monkey to be included in all activities from now on.

a) I would surreptitiously posion the monkey so it died, but later, I would comfort my friend
b) I would be in complete disbelief.  But you can have a certain amount of fun with a monkey.  I would try.
c) I would be completely embarrassed for my friend.  But I would invite him or her over and just try and stick it out with the monkey, but mostly I would just try and avoid this friend from now on.
d) I don’t see what the problem is.  I’d bring the monkey on outtings and I’d keep extra bananas at the house in case my friend dropped by with the monkey.
e) I would organize and intervention.  Clearly my friend is not right in the head, and the best thing to do would sit my friend down and tell them that this is unacceptable.
I would try pretty vigorously to talk my friend out of this, but secretly, I’d be slightly pleased that my friend was making such and ass of himself.

Now which one do y’all think I chose? LOL

Just wanted to share that with you on this Friday.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

4 thoughts on “Friday Fool Fest from Facebook

  1. I would choose E. I would almost say A as well, but the friend may relapse and just find another monkey.

  2. Brother Uppity,
    Now that I’ve wandered over to your blog from ‘AB’s 😉 this ‘attending church during college’ dilemma is one I still remember after many years removed from being an undergrad , can I say, Regan-Bush 1 😮
    I missed Sunday service maybe 3 times in my 5 years as an undergrad; those Sundays I missed, bad stuff happened the following week. Am I superstitious? Call it what you will, but attending Sunday service was quite reflective and contemplative for me while on the college grind, and as an adult there have been very few Sundays when the message didn’t pertain to my life and current circumstance. Being Catholic I haven’t suffered the same theological pressure you have (loud, raucous preachers, errbody on the altar wanting to preach, etc.), but overall my Sunday church experiences have been spiritually fulfilling, which is about all for what one could ask

    1. @adinasi

      Thanks for coming on over bruh!!

      I hold preachers and other clergy who know better much more accountable than the people who sit in the pews. I’m trying to be less judgmental of the people who sit in the pews–like I was almost ready to make the jump that these people were no more than sheep who some how fell under some weirdo spell of religion. A very Marxist view if you will. I def realised that wasn’t healthy. So, I just try and do that on an individual basis. I reserve judgment until I talk to someone on a one-on-one basis.

      Saying that to say…

      It isn’t my goal or aim to try and take away the moments that we’ve all had in church where we’ve definitely had some theophanic experience and damn anyone else who tried to challenge what you felt and that’s fine. I just want to have that same experience, but I don’t want to leave what I’ve learned here in seminary at the front steps just to experience it, only to pick it up again when I leave.

      And maybe you’re a bit superstitious. 😉

      1. Your depth of thought and introspection are refreshing. Preachers are human, too, and all of us should be courageous and discerning enough to know when the emperor is buck naked 😮 I’ve had my share of Catholic priests who turned me off the minute the opened their mouths, which meant I spent more time attending to the Readings for the day for my inspiration vs. their tepid or tangential interpretation.
        Feasting off the minds of thoughtful Black folk on these blogs is almost therapy for me at the end of the day; thanks.

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