Guest Post over at AverageBro

I guess next time I do a guest blog over at AverageBro I should ask for at least a cubicle in the office so I don’t have to worry about schlepping a whole buncha stuff over each time, lol.

No, seriously, all jokes aside, I breached an interesting topic over there and I wasn’t sure quite how the UNN community would have received it, and also I decided to help a bruddah out since AB actually has a bona fide day job with wife and kids.  So, I did a topic entitled “No Homo: Man Dates.”  Just for the record, I’m 8-9 times out 10 generally aware of what words I use and why I used them contrary to how they may come off.  I’ve already peeped the comments over there and some of the female commenters have already noted as to why do we use the phrase “No Homo” and think it’s okay.   Perhaps it’s comparable to saying “oh that’s gay” in reference to some inanimate object that caused frustration or some random dissenting idea.  Nonetheless, is it really appropriate.

I knew that when I thought up the title.

So, go over to his site read it.  Leave comments either here or there, I’ll read them either way and try and get a response.  

Oh, by the way.  I’ve breached the 300 post mark, so YAY! for me!!

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

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