…and in other housekeeping news


Don’t forget to find The Uppity Negro on Twitter and follow some random posts of mine, lol.

Oh by the way, The Uppity Negress will be here on this weekend, maybe I can get her to do a guest post, lol.

In other news to follow:

1.  I’ve inquired about post-graduate work and I plan to include The Network in on my process toward that ultimate goal

2.  It’s getting toward the end of the school year, which means final papers and studying for tests will be coming up, so if posts become a bit more sporadic, my apologies.

3.  I’ve noticed that WordPress has a REALLY great spam catcher, as a result, some actual real comments get caught.  So if you don’t see your comment post for some time, my apologies.  I only go through the spam catcher every once in a blue moon.  It wasn’t because I didn’t want to hear what you said, just–well, the spam catcher doing what it does.

3.  Um, it’s about that time that I’d LOVE to get some topics from some readers, what would you absolutely LOVE hearing my take on, just either drop me an email (uppitynegronetwork at gmail.com) or drop it in the comment box below.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

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