UNN Earliest Edition: Election Day

I may have a lot of sucessive posts today depending just how the day progresses.  I actually have a Greek ebenezer-baptist-from-pulpitstudy session later on today at 6pm to 8:30.  I doubt seriously I may go to an election night party, we’ll see how it goes.  What I am NOT going to is the Fool Fest Watch-night style service Ebenezer is throwing over on Auburn Street where they’re going to march over to the graves of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King.


I mean, is that not some sort of weird juxtaposition?  I mean it’s one thing to do it on April 4ths but, on the day where we’re expecting to celebrate life or something how you just gon go visit a dead person.  I think being the church is the most appropriate place to be if one feels the spiritual need to be attached–gravesite, No, I’ll pass.

But of course clearly the bastion of mediocrity that is Warren Ballentine just thinks that’s the best idea since sliced bread.  I mean, Al Sharpton is on board with it to, but meh, that’s something civil rights people would do.  Seriously, could you a cadre of people my age lining up to walk over there later on tonight?   But, I guess if you do, let me know how it goes I won’t be in the number.

Well, stay tuned if I don’t do anything, rest assured I’ll have a blog post for tomorrow, lol.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

One thought on “UNN Earliest Edition: Election Day

  1. I agree! Election Watch Night service is definitely churchy foolfest.

    Especially since they are going to practice necromancy by going to the King grave to pray.

    Lawd help us.

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