What We’re Up Against: FoxNews, Fool Fest 2008 Media Award

We wrestle not against flesh and blood but agains powers and principalities and rulers or darkness in high places.

That is a scripture from Ephesians 6:12 and I think it’s apropos given the turn that this election has taken.  A little while back on July 28th, 2008 actor Jon Voight wrote a very incendiary and vitriolic op-ed piece to The Washington Post that was fraught with lies and rumors based on the fear-mongering that was evidenced in former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Governor Sarah Palin’s speeches last night at the RNC.

He said:

This is a perilous time, and more than ever, the world needs a united and strong America. If, God forbid, we live to see Mr. Obama president, we will live through a socialist era that America has not seen before, and our country will be weakened in every way.



He must have got a word from one of Palin’s church members who was quoted as saying from another blog site by Nate Bair, a member of the church, said he is proud to live where Palin grew up.

Obama is a socialist.” he said.  “I want less government control. I don’t believe in national health care.”

Well, call me a socialist then and put me at the first of the line because I most certainly believe in national health care.  I mean that’s a COLD man to say something like that, and then to go on the record to say something that cold.  I mean is that compassionate conservativism?  Hell nah.

Usually Democrats are the one who are told that we’re too liberal and too open just letting everything go and the conservatives usually are the one’s who act as though they have a God mandate on their side.  Well, I for one am calling them the evil ones and part of the rulers of darkness in high places.

First we’re up against the Cult of Fox News.

Yes there are those that actually believe that FoxNews is a real and credible news outlet.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not one to drink the Kool-Aid of MSNBC and the profusive praise that Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews but, hell, at least I know it.  Some folks actually think FoxNews is a real news source.

First there is the Almighty and Dark One Dick Cheney.  I kinda already had done a post on Dick Cheney prior to O’Bama’s announcement of Biden as I was trying to really figure out the office of Vice President.  I mean, really Dick Cheney is a god in the eyes of FoxNews, but most of them really don’t know it.  But most of the policies that have solidified the Bush presidency were mostly forced through by Dick Cheney and by Dick Cheney being the president and tie-breaker of the Senate.  (Sidebar: Republicans have had control of the Senate and the House of Representatives for the better part of the last eight years that Bush has been in office, just not recently.  Not to mention almost having a Supreme Court on his side.)

Secondly there is the papal equivalent of the Archbishop of Darkness Karl Rove, Of Many Chins who has found himself running the Church Cult of Fox News.  He’s one of the main guest who’s usually spouting something that supports the ultra-right policies of Cheney and trying to make it more palpable to the American public–more or less doing the main brainwashing.  I mean the spin’s that Karl Rove puts to the crap that comes out of the mouth of Republicans and the level of refute that he gives to the Democrats, particularly in the midst of these conventions.  Particularly in light of his more than questionable political tactics that have included over the years rooting through opponents trash cans.

Thirdly there’s the President of the Bishop’s Council Newt Gingrich.  It’s kind of a figurehead position in many episcopacies especially in the face of the position of Archbishop being present.  And I think that it’s apropriate for him because he’s really kind of washed up.  Let’s not forget his ethics sanctions that were leveled against him back in the mid-nineties.  Not to mention that his public image was more or less tarnished in the nineties.  I mean even I remember him being a mess back in the day and I was kid. 

Of course FoxNews would snatch him and put him up as a source.  To his credit, I can appreciate him and his POV because he’s really not about to give you no stupid stuff like other members who attend Fool Fest 2008.

Then there’s Jurisdictional Prelate William “Bill-O the Clown” O’ReillyYou see, O’Reilly has a little more going for him just because seniority which has moved him up over the years from Inside Edition  and the know-nothing start up network FoxNews gave him a job–or rather a place to bloviate ad infinitum about conservatism that just irritates the hell out of me.

Honestly, I have so much aught with O’Reilly it’s not even funny.  I first heard about him when he went off on Ludacris wayyyy back in the day.  Of course as of late he’s drawn my ire because of Jeremiah Wright.  The biggest problem is that he along with the other one fighting for his job on another show is that these fools fail to get qualified people to speak on issues.  I mean don’t hire political pundits to speak about the economy no more than get some run-of-the-mill talking head to speak on issues of theology which were at the center of that with Jeremiah Wright.

Of course the main pastor of the flock cult is Pastor Sean Hannity of The Hannity and Colmes Church Show and I might as well add Co-Pastor Alan Colmes who is clearly under a mindspell of only Rovian preportions. 

Till this day I don’t see how this man has the number one cable news show in the country.

This clearly shows that he has a following where the Deacon Dick Morris who I swear ‘fore Jesus Christ hisself that I’ll kick his ass for being a snieveling little twerp!  My main charge against FoxNews comes against the H&C show and mainly Sean Hannity because of the absolute FOOLS that he has on his show.  Among the likes are:

  1. Jesse Lee Peterson
  2. Erik Rush
  3. Mark Furman (FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!)
  4. Pastor James David Manning

And this is just to name a few.

This is from a man who has a high school diploma from St. Pius Prepatory Seminary which he threw in the face of Jeremiah Wright during Wright’s one of two national interviews, the other being with PBS and Bill Moyers, informing Wright that he spoke Latin and had been to seminary–LIES!  It it because of this fool why we have a nation of idiots.  There is absolutely nothing engaging about Sean Hannity.  He doesn’t even bring intelligent people on his show half the time.  I am convinced that if one were to show the list of credentials from talking heads on Fox versus those of MSNBC I believe that we’d see more qualified people falling in the column of MSNBC.


Well, this was kind of a filler post.  I really don’t have a lot of original thoughts right about now.  I’m relatively preoccupied with getting back into the groove of things with school and trying to wait until our refund checks come, praying that nothing happens to my car between now and the check arriving, not really affording money to put gas in my car, some financial problems back home with my parents nearing retirement.


Not to mention that things are a bit foggy when it comes to me being in school.  Ish poppin’ off left and right that’s got me wondering what’s going to happen when I get out in two years—YUP two more FRIGGIN years of this…

So do you all have any more nominations for Fool Fest 2008 Awards in any other category?  Do you all think I’m more or less on point with this assessment of FoxNews Network?

7 thoughts on “What We’re Up Against: FoxNews, Fool Fest 2008 Media Award

  1. Every uppity reader of this blog, if you have not wikipedia’d Karl Rove’s entry, please do so immediately!

    “There is nothing in the world more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. You have a moral responsibility to be intelligent.”

    Quote attributed to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  2. @citizen ojo

    As I listen to Elisabeth Hasselbeck interviewed on H&C and I see stupidity at its finest watching Hannity act as if he’s in the presence of a goddess in the face of the complete anti intelligence on the FoxNews repeat at 4 in the morning…

    I think Juan Williams is a credible source. He’s been in the game long enough, now at this point in the game i’m almost disagreein with everything he says. personally I think he’s been co opted severely by Fox and in turn by republican operatives.

    i’m tempted to lump alan keyes with the incredibly uncredible, but he has held an elected office before. But he was the epitome of buffoonery when he ran against barack obama. I mean every Democrat in illinois was like “are you serious?” and after the election the republicans were forced to admit that after previous candidate dropped out that alan keyes was a hawt mess.

    Alan Keyes is such a detriment to blacks in my opinion that I place him on my death watch list of old antiquated fools who’s funerals I wouldn’t be sad to attend.

  3. Excellent blog. Thanks for expressing what many of us think and feel. F* FOX. F* all the MSM. They love showing brothers as either baffoons (FAUX) or showin brothers as incarcerated animals (MSNBC).


  4. It’s not just the national healthcare that’s scary, it’s the hints at redistributing wealth, putting more privatized industry in the hands of the government, and submitting to “international” (read: absurd) methods of doing things that wouldn’t jibe well with most people if they were put in plain terms, without eloquence to mask the unfortunate details.

    A lot of his ideas look great on paper, but the problem is that anything the government takes over becomes slower, more expensive, more bureaucratic and just plain worse than it was in the hands of businesses that actually have to answer to people.

    Seriously, think of how much it sucks to go to the DMV, or protest a traffic ticket, or pay your damn taxes. If the government was a private company, and you were able to take your business elsewhere because the service completely sucks, the government would be out of business.

    That old joke about the government paying $10,000 for toilet seats has some truth to it…and that’s scary.

  5. Good nomination, my vote go to Sean Hannity, I new when I listen him he must have one of the university from Phoenix AZ trough internet.
    Every four years is the reminder haw shallow we are.

    We vote firstly for person who is cuter, better liar, use more scare tactics,
    can bs more, has military experience, appropriate religion and can threaten the world more.
    Not on intellectual capacity and diplomatic capability.
    How about look some one with class, intellect, good temperament and with new policy ideas.
    How about evaluate how the old policy affected us in pass and if we need policy changes in the future.
    We get in the gender and race, and statistic how many white, black or Hispanic we have. We are racists and now we guessing witch group is racist..
    We continue to brag about how great we are and how we freed and saved the world.

    We are calculated, money hungry and arrogant we go to free some nation only if we see $ benefits, or if we know we will win or we thing we could be attack
    This is too much for us: How about being diplomatic, smart, and humble and lead by example.
    News stations not reporting anymore they are extensions of they favored party nominees and interested in slander and gossip only not the policies details.
    Do we understand now why the world does not like us? If you answer I don’t care you are arrogant and this is why.
    Did you notice who supporting Obama majority is up to 34 years old and educated votes.
    Other major problem no one ask to be corrected.
    How can we change the partisanship in congress, senate, and in our politics? When will we limit terms for the congressmen? Get in this system once and if your representative gets in he will have a lifetime membership. It is ridiculous.

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