Edwards endorses Obama; Clinton’s symbolic run for the nomination

Edwards now endorsing Obama


At this point…

Clinton must realize that she’s doing more damage than good.  Early on post Super Tuesday I recommended that she should leave the race because it just wasn’t in her favor.  I believe hindsight has proven me correct.  If this double-talk she’s been pulling since prior to NC and Indiana and clearly in West Virginia that essentially has her saying “Vote white, because it right, before it’s too late,” has left her with what, yes, I will call the dregs of the Confederacy, formally known as West Virginia, and her unable to buoy her “white is right” support in places not generally on the minds of those who live in the industrial midwest, the coasts and down south, then I question what is she really able to do.

Many people use the sports analogy that no matter how far you’re down you play until the end.  While this maybe true, perhaps this is a flawed analogy–this isn’t sports, its politics.  I backed off from calling for her to drop out of the race when I heard folks say that it wasn’t fair to her and for what it was worth, it wasn’t fair for Obama because now somethings, and I stress somethings wouldn’t have come to light.  However, the day the Obright or Wribama (whichever you choose) broke, my friend knows that that was the day I resigned that having HRC as the nominee was NOT the end of the world.  I really had hope for Hillary after Obama threw Wright under the bus, or into the turbines or pulled a drive-by and I just lost some plain ol’ respect for him, which he still needs to gain back for me.

While Clinton maybe able to garner this “white middle class vote” again, I wonder at what cost.  Superdelegates, clearly the only way this nomination will count, are actually defecting!!!!!  Do we all know what that means!?!?  They’re pulling their endorsement, and going to Obama, I mean if that isn’t a moral blow to the campaign then what is?  What planet is she living on!!!!  I mean, and this is the guy who survived Jeremiah Wright controversy (which is only being kept alive by Sean Hannity who I’m just waiting to discover that Trinity UCC is planning to open a school in the fall–OH MY!!! he’s going to have a field day over that) and actually went up according to some polls. (Although I really stopped watching polls as closely after the NH primaries this prior January.)

But she kept on coming.

Now, I’m not calling Hillary a racist for her coded language, that’s politics, black politicians do it as well.  It’s just funny to see her do it, and watch the dregs of the Confederacy buy into it.  But again, these are the people who include those who think Obama is a Muslim.

Oh well, I’m just waiting for Al Gore to endorse Obama so that they finally call Al Sharpton and call of the march in Denver.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

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