Go Home Hillary! Go Home, Go Home, Go Home!


Obamawatch! 2008 continues

I do believe that February 19th’s victory of Sen. Barack Obama in the Wisconsin Democratic Party primary is the beginning of the death knell for Sen. Hillary Clinton.  Let’s be realistic at this point.  She has lost 10 straight primaries in a row beginning with Super Tuesday which was supposed to be the deciding factor; and since then including the Potomic Primaries and the primaries of the other states directly before the PP and the one’s from last night, every tactic that the Clinton campaign has used as of late seems to not be working.  She initially ran on this ideal of having more experience and apparently it didn’t resonate with the voters.  I’m sure the Clinton campaign would have loved to connect Obama even further with the Tony Rezko scandal, but apparently that didn’t work either, especially given the fact that he apologized for the dealings prior to him announcing his candidacy for president.  The Clinton campaign tried to dig up kindergarten papers (and I’m convinced this was a new one even for the UNN) and of course, that was merely a joke around the water coolers and coffee pots of the newsrooms across America.

I believe the level of desperation is evident if the Clinton campaign is condemning Lady Michelle’s comments at a recent speech and claiming plagarism of a speech that Obama himself delivered.  Granted if Deval Patrick didn’t condemn him for the speech, then why should Hill’ry?

The way the pledge delegates stand would still put Obama short of the 2,025 mark interestingly enough, including Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  This is where the superdelegates come into play, but not in such a big way as before.  It would be hardpressed for the superdelegates many of whom are elected officials, whose constituents voted for Obama, to go in the opposite direction of the Movement of Obama, or Obamovement.  These superdelegates would have a hard time explaining to their constituents how they endorsed Hill’ry when Obama has the higher pledge delegate count and clearly has a wider range of popularity throughout the country.

The Wisconsin primaries showed tell tale demographics that suggest that Obama is now eating away at what was once considered Hill’ry’s base, and of course that is NOT good news in the Clinton camp.  I’m not sure if this is an attribution to the messianic qualities that Obama has, being the “change we’ve been waiting for” or was it really bad campaigning on behalf of the Clinton’s; whatever it is, apparently, it is just his time.

Keep it uppity, JLL

Penis Envy

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