It Takes Three to ‘Tango’ this time


This book that you see above you, is a book that is causing much controversy.  I was only made aware of it today as I watched “The View” this morning.  The issue was concerning a recent banning of the book in the commonwealth state of Virginia.  Well, this of course begs the question, what was so incendiary about this children’s book that it required the banning by a particular school district.  The nature of the book is about two male penguins raising a child/egg together.

I guess it depends on who you ask, because I’m sure to a zoologist, or someone in the biological world of animals, this wouldn’t necessarily be a foreign concept.  But I guess it isn’t common knowledge that penguins are hatched by the male of the species.  Seahorses are also another species where the male of the species cares for the offspring in the pre-natal stage.  So, the idea of a children’s book teaching this lesson isn’t a far-fetched idea.  However, in this day and age, as liberal as I am, I couldn’t help but think, “Oh my, would I want my child to read this book?” 

“The View” co-host Joy Behar was in favor of the book, and I watched Sherri Shephard buck quite vehemently that she does not want her child reading that book, on the premise that it introduces the wrong ideas into her child’s head.  Now, lil’ ol Elizabeth, the cute little Republican and conservative girl responsible for Rosie’s demise, actually had a good point; she raised the issue as to would children 7 and under actually be worried about the fact that this penguin had two fathers–when in fact there is a strong possibililty that many of their classmates may be parented by two parents of the same gender.

I guess, I’m pushing for tolerance, not necessarily acceptance, because that’s your perrogative and I nor anyone else should force acceptance, but at least, lets entertain the idea.

I just wanted to offer up something different than the Obamawatch! 2008 that I had been producing as of late.  I welcome your comments on such issues, because these are also issues that we as citizens of this global society are grappling with as far as tolerance and understanding is concerned.

Keep it uppity, JLL

One thought on “It Takes Three to ‘Tango’ this time

  1. SO glad you blogged this; I saw that episode of The View as well. (For the first time, I actually agreed with something that Elizabeth said!) I think the banning of the book is rediculous! Whether or not you agree with parents of the same sex raising children, THIS IS WHAT PENGUINS DO! Of course, you could use this book to talk to children about alternative family structures, but first and foremost, this is a look at what different animals do within their communities. Male penguins assist in all parts of the parenting experience, and when female penguins leave the group for whatever reason (to be gatherers, etc.), it is expected that the males step in to do their part. Instead of banning the book b/c of what it may suggest, how about celebrating the fact that it promotes community and family. I’m not saying it’s the book of the year, I’m just saying, maybe some of these people need to watch March of the Penguins!

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