We’re Going All the Way to Denver!


Obamawatch 2008! continues

In the days after the biggest national primaries that this country has ever seen, we, the Democrats still haven’t a frontrunner in our midst.  All political pundits are saying that this does not bode well for Hill’ry and company.  Well, what went wrong for the Hill’ry campaign? one may ask.  (Somehow Bill Clinton comes to mind.)  But it was a sentiment that was brought up in the wee early morning hours of February 6th as the country waited on the west coast states to finish tallying up their votes: she’s running against a movement.

Movements don’t die: and Hill’ry would do well to remember that in her upcoming days.  This movement of change, that Obama has started, has somehow galvanized groups of people that previously would have voted for Clinton.  My own personal belief is that it goes all the way back to the January 5th Iowa caucuses where Clinton came into an astonishing third place win in a state that she should have easily trounced Obama and Edwards.  Democrats across the nation sat up a realized that Obama actually has a chance at winning this thing and actually put into perspective this idea that a Bush-Clinton dynasty (1988-2012) wasn’t really a hot idea. 

February 5th’s Super Duper Fat Tuesday election was really a dead heat and did nothing to settle the frontrunner because while Clinton won the delegate rich states of California, New York and Massachusetts, Obama did the unthinkable and won states like Idaho, North Dakota and Utah.  The UNN need not publish the diversity information on the three aforementioned states in order to drive home the point that Clinton, does in fact have an uphill battle in attempting to unify this country.  She has consistently been a polemic individual; a real love or hate situation with the country.  Frankly, I was all for Clinton’s candidacy until that guy from the South Side of Chicago came in talking about change.

Even today, as Louisiana holds primaries and the state of Washington holds primaries and caucuses (and for those from Washington, only the caucuses count toward delegate numbers in the national primaries) Obama still has more delegates than Hill’ry.  Although it’s only by two, a lead is still a lead, just ask anyone who’s every played a sport before—a win is still a win, even if it is by one.  I just hope that the Obama campaign can finally ride this momentum into the national convention with enough delegates to force Hill’ry to take some Immodium AD and prevent her from you-know-whatting in her pants.  But, then again the tide could turn all because of one state—any guesses what state that may be?!?!?


Well, actually Florida and Michigan, but Florida just sounds more impending.  The issue at hand is the delegates and these two states blatant disrespect for the Democratic National Party rules.  DNC rules state that no Democratic primary can be held prior to Feb. 5th of 2008 except for the traditional caucuses and primaries of Iowa, New Hampsh–, South Carolina and Nevada.  Michigan had its primary on January 15th, a state in which no one campaigned and Florida on January 29th which no one campaigned.  Although, wasn’t it ironic that the winner of both of those “beauty contests” as some pundits called it, went and claimed her “prize.” She herself made a vow to make sure that her delegates were seated: I guess I would too.

If this movement catches fire even more and Obama wins the caucus in Washington, and the Chesapeake primaries, you can best believe that there will be fireworks in the Front Range of the Rockies at the DNC convention in Denver over how to seat the delegates of Florida and Michigan.  Even if Clinton does win Texas and Pennsylvania, there will still be a challenge from the Obama campaign as to what to do about these delegates.

The UNN is a staunch supporter of “no taxation without representation” and a supporter of states’ rights insofar as they support the collective bodice of the states in the union.  This being said, the voters who voted in this primary should have their votes counted in the form of delegates seated at the convention.  However, the wins in both states were so lopsided for Hill’ry that one would really have to question the validity and fairness of the election.  Not to mention that Hill’ry’s name was the only one on the ballot in Michigan in the first place!

However, tricky Florida had placed a certain referendum on the ballot for their January 29th election and it was the opinion of many state Democratic party members that they were going to continue with the election.

Now, given the sway of Billary, and who Billary is, could one surmise that this was all part of the master plan?

I mean, go with me for a second.  A combined Bush-Clinton dynasty from 1988-2012, who knows, maybe the Clinton’s were in bed with the Bushes long before Al Gore even thought about running for president, because isn’t it ironic that yet again Florida will be at the center of an election yet again.  This is no longer a case of if but rather how and when.  I would hate to see this go to the Supreme Court which I’m sure the Democratic Party would try and avoid at all costs because of long-range damage going into the fall election, but clearly Obama has a movement on his side—and the money—to challenge DNC rules versus the power of the states’ rules.

Whatever the case may be, the UNN and I support our candidate Sen. Barack Obama from the South Side of Chicago for the presidency of the United States “come hell or high water.”

Run Barack run!

Keep it uppity, JLL

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