UNN Late(r) Breaking News: McCain Shows Signs of Schizophrenia as he heads to Mississippi for the Debates

Em-Eye Crooked Letter Crooked Letter, Eye, Crooked Letter Crooked Letter, Eye, Humpback Humpback, Eye Did I spell it right? Personally, I’m still a bit shocked that we’re hearing the two weirdest states on the news all the time.  I mean who, in 100 years would have thought that Alaska and Mississippi would have been at … Continue reading

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UNN to Obama: Tell that Mental (Case) McCain “Hell Naw I aint suspending my campaign!”

I think Sen. Barack Obama should follow that statement with a pithy “Just because yo’ @$$ aint prepared for the debates on Friday is NOT an excuse to ‘suspend’ your campaign.” I mean wow!  Wow! I’ve never been one to subscribe to the much used moniker of “politricks” in my blogs, I’ve usually just chalked … Continue reading

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UNN Movie Review: This Movie ‘Preys’ Upon Old American Themes

**SPOILER ALERT** Well, I liked the movie until we left and went out to eat. I guess that’s what happens when you go to the movie with a licensed and practicing psychologist. Aside from the baptismal scene of Tyler Perry’s latest break into Hollywood, I had really thought the movie was a good, borderline great … Continue reading

Politics / Pop Culture / Random Thoughts from an Uppity Negro / The Color Line

The Uppity Negro Manifesto: A Black Nationalist Response to Post-Racial Fatigue

Either a) I’m really getting caught up with other blog posts or b) I’m just getting lazy because this blogging while in grad school thing isn’t easy. I’m going with b) Yeah, I’m somewhat stealing a story, but it’s more a theme that I happened upon while making a comment on another blog.  The Dallas … Continue reading