UNN Late(r) Breaking News: McCain Shows Signs of Schizophrenia as he heads to Mississippi for the Debates

Em-Eye Crooked Letter Crooked Letter, Eye, Crooked Letter Crooked Letter, Eye, Humpback Humpback, Eye Did I spell it right? Personally, I’m still a bit shocked that we’re hearing the two weirdest states on the news all the time.  I mean who, in 100 years would have thought that Alaska and Mississippi would have been at … Continue reading

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UNN to Obama: Tell that Mental (Case) McCain “Hell Naw I aint suspending my campaign!”

I think Sen. Barack Obama should follow that statement with a pithy “Just because yo’ @$$ aint prepared for the debates on Friday is NOT an excuse to ‘suspend’ your campaign.” I mean wow!  Wow! I’ve never been one to subscribe to the much used moniker of “politricks” in my blogs, I’ve usually just chalked … Continue reading