Is McCain’s Failure to Debate His First Signs of Dementia?

Prolly be a short post, but still, it was worthy of another one.

So Sen. Barack Obama came out and said what I wanted him to. 

This is exactly the time when the American people need to hear from the person who in approximately 40 days will be responsible for dealing with this mess,” Obama told reporters in Clearwater, Fla.  “In my mind, it’s more important than ever that we present ourselves to the American people and describe where we want to take the country and where we want to take the economy.”

Seriously, did Sen. John McCain think he wielded that much power that the opposing team was all of a sudden going to start playing the game his way?  These next few days are going to be interesting because as of now, the University of Mississippi is prepared to go forward with the debates, and clearly Obama is like “Bring it on!” 

This is, to quote Sen. Barney Frank is such a big Hail Mary pass it’s not even funny.  It feels as though McCain has nutted early and he’s scrambling right about now.  Yes, it’s a few more weeks left and a lot can happen on both sides, but this is a mess on McCain’s part.  It really comes off as the piddlings of an old man who’s trying maintain the rest of his life.

In addition to Gov. Sarah Palin being trotted around the United Nations today and they suceeded in only making her look like a pitbull wearing lipstick and kept on a short leash.  The LA Times in a pretty slanted article wrote that

The candidate’s staff carefully choreographed her debut onto the international stage, starting each meeting with a brief photo opportunity and allowing no questions. Unscripted moments were kept to a minimum.
At first, the campaign wanted to keep reporters out altogether. But after the five major television networks threatened to boycott coverage of the Palin meetings, a pool that included a print journalist eventually was allowed in.

Today was just not a good image day for McCain in my opinion.  He could have and should have done much better.  His proposal as it stands now is to postpone the debates until October 2nd, which as everyone knows was the scheduled debate day for the vice-presidential debates in St. Louis.   See y’all can’t be fooled by this man.  He went on to say that the VP debates would be postponed ’till a later date–RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT, to give Caribou Barbie as much time as possible.

If anyone thinks McCain is doing this out of the goodness of his heart, you’re sadly mistaken and are prolly a Republican beyond repair, so I’m really not talking to you.  But for the rest of you fools, just think about this critically.  He should be able to do both: campaign and talk about the economy at the same time.  Aint no one held a gun to his head and ask him to be a U.S. Senator and run for the presidency at the same time. 

And even if he does suspend the campaign, to weasel out of the debates is just low.  Come on now!  You’ve been hollering for town hall meetings for the longest, McCain should be chomping at the bit to go at Obama on debates.  Hell, everyone knows Obama sucks at debates, why is he backing out now?

Questions, questions, questions….

Has anyone’s opinion of Obama or McCain shifted because of this recent bout in politicking politricking?

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

5 thoughts on “Is McCain’s Failure to Debate His First Signs of Dementia?

  1. Caribou Barbie?? ha ha ha ha. Yeah I blogged about this too. McCain is trying everything in the book to win this election. He might be the one involved in sending out that email on wearing Obama paraphernalia to the voting polls. McCain needs to get his butt on the fastest thing smoking and get down to mississippi. I’m glad Obama stood his ground.

  2. @citizenojo

    I mean EVERYONE and they mama got that email today. I’ve never seen an email spread so fast and so quick.

    I was more mad cuz I was at the barbershop today and one of the barbers was acting like this was some new rule enacted to keep black folk away and when I tried to tell him that that rule has been around for a good minute before blacks could vote down south, I kinda got poohed.

  3. McCain needed to go to D.C. because his fellow Republicans were on the verge of bolting, not voting to make Paulsen the financial emperor of the world.

    Delaying the debate is just a way of giving the old man a chance to catch his breath…too much has been happening way too fast.

  4. McCain is trying to play the hell of the country! But thats the game of true politics. He makes a good politician with all of his tricks. But a bad President with his policies. I don’t believe that the country keeps falling for everything. I was so surprise at the acceptance of Palin, but thats the game, and MCCain is palying it. I wish that the game wasn’t played like this, and some day people would focus on real issues.

    McCain you need to debate on Friday…stop being weak.

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