Blog This!: Maher Snaps on White Welfare Pimps

Yeah, I haven’t been up on it since this weekend.  But between Biblical Greek and playing for late-night services and rehearsals, blogging is somewhat taking a back seat. 

But the following clip was sent by a FAITHFUL reader, who I know in person, we’ll just call her Uppity Prof for now, and this is to tide you all over until my next entry, which at this point may be the Live blogging I’m going to try and do for this vice-presidential debates between Gov. Sarah “The Moose” Palin and Sen. Joe “The Mullet” Biden.


I hope you all got his point.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

4 thoughts on “Blog This!: Maher Snaps on White Welfare Pimps

  1. Uppity people, please rally your folks and GET OUT AND VOTE. It’s important to know what’s at stake if we are not registered and do not vote on November 4th.

    It is imperative that we know that John McCain is a liar. There are many who are determined AND dangereously armed with voter registration cards who are hell-bent on electing the McCain and company liars.


    Please see this McCain interview

    John McCain: Sarah Palin’s experience and
    John McCain: Straight Talk exress
    DeMoines 9/30/08

    There are are several video clips of the interview (copy and paste if the link does not work)

  2. Hmmmmm. I normally don’t care for Bill Maher. I have to admit though…. That… was… funny… And quite fitting. It’s all about perspectives.

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