A Character Case Study of “The Boondocks”

So, two seconds before I went to write the title of this blog post, it hit me to do a case study, from an Uppity Negro perspective of the hit show on Adult Swim entitled “The Boondocks” created by comic strip writer Aaron McGruder.  Initially, I was just going to write about the previous episode […]

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Why They Don’t Like Us and Why We Don’t Like Them: It’s Because of South Carolina

Within the past year or so, Americans have heard the words “South Carolina” and “Representative” or “Congressperson” in the “Lieutenant governor” and “Governor” same sentence and phrasing.  Nothing really odd about the “Representative” or “Congressman” but really, we’ve been hearing a lot about South Carolina politics.  South Carolina state politics are like that of New […]

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Goddamn America

My previous post about the media’s love affair with Chicago and it’s current violence and how it’s linked to current President Barack Obama led me on a journey down a dark corridor of my hometown’s history of violence just in my life time. I had intended to call the names of some of the young […]

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Uppity Negro News Briefs

Since I’ve been graduating and without a television a LOT of news has happened since mid-April and here goes it with me starting in back chronological order: 1. Georgia’s Attorney General Thurbert Baker blocking the health care law suit Well, clearly GOP Georgia Gov. Sonny “Partly Cloudy” Perdue found a way to get around it, […]

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