So In Case You’re Feeling Generous…

…I’ve added a “tip jar” via PayPal ’cause I’m a broke grad student. Nuff Said.

There’ll be a permanent one on the left hand sidebar in case you don’t decide to click on this one today.
And support the cause–of me. And all of me.

Keep it uppity and truthfully radical, JLL

3 thoughts on “So In Case You’re Feeling Generous…

  1. We will do what we can to ‘help a brotha out’ during these financially distressed post graduate times…every little bit helps.

    The thoughtful posts encourage reflection; that is a good thing. Your writing informs and provokes the conscious (and/or unconscionable) part of the reader.

    Again thank you for sharing your many words for contemplation.

    Uppity, onward and upward.

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