Yes, I Watched the FAMU Sex Tape

Okay, I watched the FAMU Sex Tape.

I know I was supposed to give a response to Eddie Glaude’s article about the death of the Black Church, but this just seemed a bit more pressing.

So some time last night, on Twitter of course, I started seeing one of my followers talk about a FAMU Sex Tape.  Not even gonna lie to you, because I saw the four letters F-A-M-U, I really wasn’t even interested.  But when I saw another follower mention it and neither of them were in the same region (one east coast and the other Midwest), sorry, my 25 year old curiosity kicked in and I had to watch.

Well, thankfully, the zshare link was crap last night.  Probably because everyone and they mama was trying to download it at the same time, or at least look at the link.  That being said, I never actually watched the tape, it was more of, what I’d like to call an erotic anthropological study of post-adolescent youths in an urban setting.

Catchy right?

So, actually a couple of other mutual followers on twitter, @mrphilosopher3 and @chrisalexander_ who both have blogs Mr. Philosopher: The Thoughts of the Ignorant Intellectual and Colored Boy respectively, had put out a few comments concerning this sextape, here are a few:

@mrphilosopher: @theuppitynegro i menationed that to a friend. Its cool for women to go lesbo & fuck a guy. A guy does it & hes Pub. Enemy 1. #dblstandard

@chrisalexander_ :@theuppitynegro and yes. sadly, at least one of these chicks will get pregnant. and abort. and further destroy lives.

@chrisalexander_ :@theuppitynegro ah. Tis true. Ungrateful. Poorly planned. Okay, the $ from the vid ($10K) gets you some weave, but then what?

And honestly, because of this Christian Education and the Hip Hop culture class that I’m currently taking, I can’t help but do the biggest **smfh** I’ve done in a while.  I’ve long since asked the question about what goes through the mind of these individuals with this apparently myopic sensibilities to allow their face to be shown on the internet and then it goes viral. It’s one thing to have an obscure Xtube upload, but then it’s an entirely different thing to show your face on camera and say “This is what we do in college.”

Look, I’m pretty liberal when it comes to the sex industry.  I’ve always half joked that if I had some sort of a body, I would have been a male stripper.  (Yes, because some guys can rake in close to $1k a weekend doing the right parties, because ladies come thirsty with singles and fives and tens–and yes, even twenties!)  I really have not one qualm about a young lady stripping to pay for college tuition, especially if she has a baby to try and take care of and support.  Take “The Players Club” for instance. At some point LisaRaye’s character did have a level of which she refused to sell out.  There was a teleological rationale for doing what she did–she had a means to support her end: pay for school (at some point) and hell, just put food on the table and survive.

These people in this sex tape… **smfh**

Even from a deontological ethical standpoint, one is still left asking the question: for what earthly reason did you think what you did was okay?

I think what made this sex tape just so God-awful was the fact that it reinforced every single, solitary, stereotype about blacks and sex and sexuality that were humanly fathomable.  Not to mention that these are allegedly Florida A&M University students, which is an historically black university, and yet brought more shame to those of us who have graced the campuses of HBCUs. But seriously, this is what I saw:

  • Young black women who are sexual objects. It’s one thing to exist sexually.  That’s fine, we’re all sexual creatures, but to be so wanton and careless about sex, and this isn’t even your damn profession is just an amazement to me. Again, porn stars, no problem with me.  That’s their job.  They do what they do. No problem, but these young women who felt it was okay to bend over for these young men is just simply unacceptable.  And that one girl who kept on staring into camera lauding this orgy as the epitome of college life….yeah…her with that upper lip piercing…I really wanted to be her mama and reach into the computer screen and knock her upside her head and say “Girl! Harriet Tubman did NOT risk her life for you to be bending over for some lil’ boy!”

    For these apparently college young women to participate in the blatant objectification speaks not only to the college culture, but to the wider culture of society.  I’m not saying that this was a direct result of the commercialized images of the hip hop culture, BUT, I am saying that commercialized hip hop on a macro level certainly does promote and support such images as seen in this sex tape. We’ve damn near seen some sex tapes masquerading as “video vixens” and “thug life” when it comes to music videos.

  • Lesbianism ’bout to take over. Well, I think Pastor Willie Wilson’s sermon was over the top, ridiculous and homiletically irresponsible on so many levels (if you have NO idea what I’m talking about, click the link here), but that’s for another post. However, I think maybe, somewhere in the recesses of his brain, he was aware of this tacit approval of black lesbianism in contrast to male-to-male sexuality in the black community. As we read in Bakari Kitwana’s books and T. Denean-Sharpely’s book Pimps Up, Ho’s Down: Hip Hop’s Hold on Young Black Women, that what we have here is really hypermasculinity at it’s best.

    Black males, at least for the sake of this argument, are okay with women participating on female-female sexual acts because they can come in, assert their masculinity through intercourse, and somehow this makes this woman “straight” in their minds eye.  So, in this FAMU sex tape, the cunnilingus given by the young girls is merely second nature, because the boys are going to come in and insert, and she’s going to scream, for some weird reason, all is well with the world.

    But if one of the young men had even so much as touched one another, and Lord, committed a sex act, it would have been a rap.  And that would have been more of a story than the actual sex tape itself!

  • Young black males who don’t give a damn. If my face was ever shown committing any sexual acts, I could still walk around with my head held high (not just because of obvious reasons, lol), but because I knew I was about to walk into an airtight lawsuit: I would NEVER agree to be filmed with anyone, at least not until I’m married (lol).  As I said before, people who show their face on Xtube is a constant amazement to me. These people run a serious risk when it comes to background searches for certain jobs.  Seriously, don’t expect to work for the federal government, they can easily track your IP address and it’s a wrap after that.

    But, these young men I’m sure agreed to this without giving it a second thought.  I’m sure some of this was just general immaturity; money was involved and your in college, that’s a no-brainer.  But they did it because they were males.  Our kind can get away with that and not be maligned for it, but those girls–Twitter lit up last night labeling them as all kind of “slores” and “hoes” and “sluts” etc. and no one really criticized the young men who were clearly a part of this.  It just showed that these young black men didn’t give a damn about the reputation of these girls. They didn’t give a damn, they just did it.

    And to every young black male that thinks what they did was really okay, just imagine if that was your baby sister.

So in case your wondering, yes, I just totally “uppity Negro-ed” a trending topic on Twitter, and gave my intellectual opinion on the FAMU Sex Tape.

Ten points for me!

And for the life of me, when at the end (yes, I watched ALL 46 minutes and 35 seconds of it) I don’t know which was worse: that there was actually a part two to this tape or that homeboy was really eating some Guthrie’s fried chicken while getting slurped up by three other females.

FRIED CHICKEN?!?!?!?!?!??!

Then he holla’d out “I love FAMU” which was bleeped out!


And if you’re just so interested, here’s the link.  I mean, it’s totally graphic, so it’s def NSFW, but it’s a sex tape, DUH!

Thoughts, comments, rebuttals, reactions.  Hit me up.

9 thoughts on “Yes, I Watched the FAMU Sex Tape

  1. thanks for the commentary because i have no intention of watching the video. there have been a lot of rumors about this tape…that it was staged, that those aren’t really students, etc. i don’t know anything about all that, but after reading many comments on it since last night, i do believe that protection was not used 100% of the time…and that’s disturbing to me (along with the showing of faces). it will be interesting to see how FAMU responds to this…

  2. So I have yet to muster up enough courage to watch the sex tape; mostly in fear of seeing someone I know. I am a graduate of the illustrious Florida A&M University and a current resident of Tallahassee.

    I think one thing you have to take into consideration, assuming that these are FAMU students, are that these kids are a product of the reality TV/Sex tape generation. Think about it, thanks to superstars like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardshian, Ray-J, Cassie, Rihanna, etc, the sex tape is now equivalent to what the demo tape was to Hip-Hop. Kids now believe that they can get there own show’s, and become instant celebrities by going full out on a sex tape. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the students included their contact information at the end of the tape. It also wouldn’t surprise me if other students followed this same trend just to get the same attention.

    1. @Markus

      At what I’ve read, these might not even be FAMU students, but FAMU’s name was mentioned in the tape. Also, I’ve read that this was a staged porno–that some of the female actors worked for a porno company.

      Go figure.

      I’ll admit if that’s the case, it’s kinda sad that FAMU got its name associated with this.

  3. I didn’t bother to blog about this b/c it is obviously a fake meant to promote an adult site. I’m disturbed that so many people have fallen for the hoax.

    1. i hear ya, but it wasn’t so obvious for most folk (myself included to a degree). hoaxes can get the best of us at times…i’m glad to find out the “real” story behind it, but still bothered by how FAMU was thrown all up in it.

  4. so…I woke up at 2AM on yesterday and could not get back to sleep. I jumped on Twitter (@hedegi) and the trending topics at that point where #NCATsextape and #FAMUsextape. Being an Aggie, I will admit I was immediately appalled. Within time, we dropped the rank of top 10 topics and the buzz was all about FAMU. My timeline was filled with links to the sex tape as well. (I need to give you the background before I confess…) I watched the sex tape.
    You have repeated my exact sentiments. Its a true disgrace, however, I did calm down when I realized that this is probably a hoax as commented. At some point in the video one of the girls says something like “I love Miami” and the other girl corrects her and says “We are in Tallahassee”. LOL This was enough for me to believe that this tape was just to defame HBCUs. And until someone comes out and says that one of these girls is in their English class, I am going to continue to wear my naive hat.

  5. Even if the tape is fake, why does FAMU have to be mentioned? Its disappointing that our own people are attempting to stain the name of a historically black institution of higher learning. Hoax or Not, Its extremely disappointing to see what our generation has succumbed to.

    1. Why FAMU? B/c it could target black consumers. They didn’t care about maliging an HBCU they cared about roping people into promoting the site for them for free.

  6. I have seen the video before all hell broke loose. It IS real in the sense these are not actors, but college age students. Never did they say they were from FAMU … just a black college in Florida. It was an all out orgy. The other vids on the sight are real collge students having sex. They are white, latino, asian … etc. Why this black orgy got so much attention I don’t know. ( I am white btw). To the point about being all over the internet and their lives are ruined …. didn’t Scott Brown just get elected Senator from Mass.? And didn’t he pose for PLaygirl mag back in the day? And he is Republican too!! When you are the age where you can die for your country going to war, having an orgy on video jsut doens’t bother me that much. They are old enough to do what they want.

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