A Lot Going On…

So I’ve fallen on hardtimes for the last couple of weeks.

First, my laptop had went out and I STILL have not gotten it back–fixed at least.  Then I was just slowly becoming broke.  I had $50 to last me two weeks–minimum.  As of this morning, I have $1 in my pocket.  I mean, push come to shove, I can sell some clothes to Rag-O-Rama and get a little bit of change.  But yeah…thank God for the food I had in my refridgerator, I made a gumbo earlier and I got some frozen chicken and some frozen fish I can cook. 

But I still need to buy some rice and vegetables.

And did I mention I’m TOTALLY stressing out over getting this damn application in to Yale Divinity School.  It’s due Monday officially, February 1st.

Oh, and did I mention it’s a $100 non-waiveable application fee?

And of course I need to buy books.  There’s the Samuel D. Proctor Protest Conference that I probably should make an appearance at, but of course, that’s money that I don’t have even remotely.

So, just so y’all know, I’m a bit AWOL for a reason.  Got a lot going on, but I guess I’ll pull through it.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

7 thoughts on “A Lot Going On…

  1. STAY UP! I feel for you, since I can relate to the ‘don’t know where the money is going to come from’ feeling – but I am fairly positive it will come, and you will make it through. Keep on sharing your talents!

  2. You, too! I’m in a similar situation. Having decided to go to gradute school, I’m back to being the “poor college student.” You want to know how I make it? Two words–Ramen Noodles. 🙂

  3. I am a graduate student with somewhat of an income I still have my tough financial moments, you’ll get through this.

  4. Omg! You sound like me. I am steady trying to strectch a dollar. But one thing that always helps me is reminding myself that God will always help make a way, as long as I am trying to make a way for myself. He has never let me down or starve (for longer than a few days lol)

  5. Oh I totally know what you mean. Those times when there’s no food in the house and then your face lights up when you discover that you still have a half full box of cream-o-wheat in the back of the cabinet. lol. That stuff is awesome with peanut butter. Keep ya head up! 🙂

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