Stay Tuned….Please Stand By


Given some events going on at my internship and the fact that I WILL blog about them, even though they are anonymous except for the city, I am going to stay on vacation until August 18th when my first post will drop, and oh will they drop.  I’m going to be keeping up with the current events because if y’all think I wasn’t going to say something about the whole Henry Louis Gates then you got another thing coming.  I’m going to keep up with the posts of contemporary stuff such as weighing in on President Obama and the health care and how I think Obama’s administration should have approached this presidency differently, but I’m not going to drop them until after the 18th when I’m in the all clear with my internship. Also, look out for some book reviews of the five books so far I’ve knocked out this summer.  In the meantime, check out the vlog post below.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL


One thought on “Stay Tuned….Please Stand By

  1. Brother Uppity…I feel your pains. Being a teen in the 60s I saw/was there for the pinnacal of the struggle of so many previous years. I look upon those years with such pride to have been there as well as an active fighter in the struggle. Sometimes I wish that I had not been there seeing as how this new African American- their cute label- is presenting. A bunch of no-pride just “look at me” fools. Of course it is not all but way too many. The biggest pain I have is that you can not tell them NOTHING. They don’t compete with any race in America. This knocking back anyone that offers some good solutions hurts as well. The white race only sits back,,,their job is done.

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