I Want To Teabag the TeaBaggers–the Uppity Way!!


As you all can kind of figure out, I’m up to my eyes in work dealing with school and I haven’t done a serious blog in a minute.   I’m running left and right playing to services on campus and trying to squeeze in classes and schoolwork that I really don’t care about for the most part; still worried about what my summer plans are and wishing I had just a little bit more money.

But this made me pause.

As I write this, I’m watching the Sean Hannity Show on repeat and just watching the hatefest that he’s stirred up.  Clearly, my mind was on other things because I drove past the State Capitol twice today driving Lil’ Uppity Brother (he goes to Morehouse, how much more uppity can you get) around the city and I didn’t notice that all the hoopla was a set up for Hannity tonight, or at the least a Tea Bag Event.

Am I the only one having wayyyyyyy too much fun with the double entendre here?  LMAO!  

I just mildly am concerned about how we view criticism in this country.  Prior to elections, it was considered unpatriotic to not participate in the jingoism that plagued this country directly after 9/11/01.  Seriously, Americans were looking cross-eyed at their neighbors if one house refused to wave a flag.  Which spurred more issues about people that had placed flags on their cars and after a few months became dog-eared.  Aside from the obvious iconoduelism (root word iconoduel) that has been placed in the flags and other objects, it begs the issue as to who’s shaping the consciousness of this country.

Granted the people in the YouTube clip that’s been circulating the internet are not the majority of Americans, what scares me is that people like Sean Hannity who have national platforms give credence to blowhard ignoramuses like this.  Case in point is someone like Joe “The Plumber” Wurtzelbacher who’s still working the conservative talk radio and FoxNews circuit.  I mean, I have relatives in my own family who take what FoxNews says as truth which is an amazement to me any and every day of the week.  Let the conservative talking heads tell it, this whole Tea Bagging movement (LMAO!!) is the best thing since chocolate milk was discovered along with sliced bread.

Fact of the matter is that this is not an election year, and if Obama’s plan actually works and the economy rebounds, they’re going to be eating crow for the majority of the next four years.  Can you believe that? These people actually want the economy to fail just so they can get their edge back in Congress and point to Obama as the source of the problem.

On a more surface level, FoxNews–well, Sean Hannity–hosted an Obama Hate-fest in front of the Georgia State Capitol and no one will raise an eyebrow.  Personally it just shows how much of a hack that he really is.  I mean, he criticized every dissenter of the Bush administration as unpatriotic and foolish, but yet he can host a whole party of some few thousand that all has anti-Obama signs.  And it’s really foolish that they’re all putting forth this idea that “the people have spoken.”  


Last I checked the Democrats SWEPT the Fall 2008 elections.  Obama’s in office and the Dems are only one seat from having a super-majority in the Senate.

I mean, I think the Tea Baggers just need to be tea bagged themselves and maybe they’re mouths’ll be so full they won’t be able to talk and we won’t have to worry about them.   Seriously, people, are we listening to ourselves?  This is a congressional issue.  We constantly elect the same people to Congress just because when we walk into the voting booth we recognise their name because we heard our parents talk about them when we were a kid, and then we vote for them.  These same people we elect aren’t reading these bills.  And this is something that has happened with Republicans and Democrats alike.

Although, I’m just not convinced that that much of this spending bill has gone to pork barrel projects. Here check this link out for interested parties.  But I’m sure most of the fools that I just watched for the last hour on the Sean Hannity Show wouldn’t even try and read that for themselves.  Here’s another link that shows what the tax cuts–yes, you read right, tax cuts–that were passed as well.

On a whole ‘nother level, I do see this in racial terms: where are the black people?  where are the Latino people? where are the Asians?  Where are the people of Arab descent?  Most certainly blacks in urban centers can attest to having small businesses in our communities owned and operated by people of Middle Eastern and Asian descent.  Moreover, Latinos of various nationalities in urban centers maintain and run their own small businesses–why weren’t they protesting en masse?  Every news shot I’ve watched tonight panned across monochromatic crowds.

The reason I ask is because wouldn’t they be similarly effected by the tax problems that all these conservatives and Republicans are hollering about?

I’m just saying….

How do you feel about the Obama stimulus plan?  Do you feel that it’s fair?  Do you think the tax structure as it exists is a fair one for people over a wide range of incomes?  Am I the only one who can’t help but chuckle every time I hear the phrase “teabaggin”?  LOL

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

3 thoughts on “I Want To Teabag the TeaBaggers–the Uppity Way!!

  1. The GOP lobbyist, Dick Armey, along with other ‘disenfranchised’ kicked-to-the-curb rich (now less powerful) operatives, encouraged / promoted this GOPer ‘grass roots, community organized, web tech peoples’ protest.’

    FoxNews, (esp. Glen Beck / Sean Hannity) of course, was the corporate sponsor and promoter for the ‘unstaged’ events across the nation. This whole Tea Party idea was really Ron Paul’s Libertarian (third party for real) breach with the republicans (remember last summer’s GOP other ‘convention’ in MN).

    The resultant monochromatic (white) flavor occurred because this ‘revolution’ to take ‘our country back’ appealed to that constituency exclusively (and the bamboozled among us). Aside from losing to the Democratic Party, ‘they’ lost the country to (gasp) a black man!

    It does not seem to matter to FOX that the skinheads, neo-nazis, white supremacists, home-grown terrorists (think Timothy McVeigh blowing up the Murrah building years ago), and other unhinged racists of many stripes are attracted to this new REVOLUTION. Include the Joel’s Army type New Apostolic Reformation religious dominionists (think Sarah Palin)in this toxic ideological mix and the low-information voters have absolutely no clue what’s going on and what possible bloody revolutionary outcomes might occur.

    For the frightened-shizzless, it is ‘apocalypse now’ theology. The Boston Tea Party revolution parodied by the idiots at Fox, did in fact lead to the bloody revolution with colonies ‘taking this country’ and now the sadly arrogantly privileged, want ‘their’ country back. Lord have mercy on us all.

    And I am not a conspiracy theorist. History is not written in invisible ink.

    Laugh (or cringe) at the double entendres but don’t get stuck with the stupidities that they engender. It appears that stuck-on-stupid and deliberately ignorant people can be quite dangerous.

    Keep it uppity because you have work to do.

  2. Some folks from the right tried to jump on this one to claim it and it looks like it might be working. I don’t like taxes just like the next man but I really wouldn’t like being pimped in a fake anger fest to promote anti-taxation.

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