The Uppity Negro Has a Come-up


Just letting the saints know I just bought and iPod Touch.

I was informed through email yesterday that I was “a millennial” –just like that and I immediately felt convicted.  I’m a musician and have been playing the piano my whole life.  I don’t listen to music like that, and I most certainly don’t own a stereo set, but today I got the iPod Touch.  It’s only the 8GB joint, but still, it’s hot to me!!!!!

And yes, that’s this website up there in the picture I took with my cam phone.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

8 thoughts on “The Uppity Negro Has a Come-up

  1. Got a Touch from a Target store in downtown Minneapolis. A day later while downloading music from the Internet, the Touch did not respond to my touch. So, returned it and picked up another Touch from another Target store. Two days later, same news…Returned it back and took an oath that I won’t touch another Touch. Maybe I got a lemon, maybe the entire shipment to Target were lemons…Two data points of 0 successes in two trials is good enough evidence for this poor statistician to take his hard earned money elsewhere.

  2. God already weighed in on the Homosexual Issue, long ago. Pope Benedict XVI, is a Class Act, in my opinion, and I bet in God’s Opinion, too. Giving folks, not inclined to be chaste, a condom, isn’t going to protect their souls, from the ramifications of their Mortal and Sacriledgeous Sins. Joseph Cardinal Ratizinger, in 1989, came out with the Encyclical on Homosexuality. I do not recall the name of it. Homosexuality is Intrinsically Evil. However, they can forsake their sins, like anybody else, by the Grace of God. I am Roman Catholic. I want to go to Heaven. So I need the Sacrament of Confession, Confirmation, Baptism, Sacrament of the Sick, Holy Communion, and there are two other Sacraments for those who become Priests, Sacrament of Holy Orders, and for those who marry, Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. The Family is the Basic Unit of Society. Our Country and All Nations, need to forsake their sins, and turn back to God.

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