When Judas Is Closer Than Jesus


Okay, I stole that from this girl that goes to school here with me; it had been her Facebook status message momentarily, but when I read this article here, I realised that the metaphorical Judas’ really do exist.  Here’s a short snippet from the AP/Yahoo News Service


A group of black ministers who supported U.S. Sen. Roland Burris as he fought to get his job now plan to ask for his resignation following revelations that he tried to raise money for the disgraced governor who appointed him, one of the ministers told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Many of the city’s influential black pastors supported Burris because of his scandal-free reputation — even though he was appointed by then-Gov. Rod Blagojevich three weeks after the governor was arrested for allegedly trying to sell the Senate seat.

Now some of those pastors will ask Burris to resign, according to the minister, who spoke on condition of anonymity because a meeting with Burris had not yet been scheduled.


For anyone who knows me and has read this blog knows that I believe that there is, and should be a vocal cross section between church and society.  In other words I strongly believe in politics in the pulpit.  However, this is ultimately ridiculous.  This same body of black clergy went to support former Gov. Rod Blagojevich in mid-December.  Then they supported Roland Burris.  They took Burris on the standard South Side and West Side church tour on one of those Sundays in the midst of it all.  Now they’re coming back out asking for his resignation.

To borrow AverageBro’s terminology, this screams GrandHu$tle to me on the part of the clergy.

Granted Roland Burris is not coming out looking like a rose on this one at all, but damn, at least Jeremiah Wright stood his ground as a clergy member.  Seriously, what are these pastors after in doing this grand flip-flopping.  I really don’t want to make this a blast blog or attempt to defame, discredit or slander people, but it amazes me just what motivates such public actions.  Okay, so you all came out in favor of the guy in the beginning, but what does it profit you to come back out when the guy seems to be headed down–and then to pour salt in the open wound by calling his resignation?!?!?!

It’s borderline unconscionable to me.

I can imagine some of these pastors, ya know of the “Concerned Black Clergy of _________ (insert any urban metropolis name)” preaching the Judas text, working the sermonic metaphors of the 30 pieces of silver equating to Blago’s pay-to-play allegations (yes, these are all allegations still) and painting Burris as the Judas and painting themselves as the Jesus’ that have been duped and tricked.

I can just see the collection baskets passing through with dollars and various checks being dropped into them.

These pastors, in my own opinion, seem to be looking our for their own self-interests.  In a shaky economy when churches are having their buildings foreclosed upon because of missed mortgage payments, and general giving in most churches going down (those that never paid tithes most certainly aren’t about to start now, and for some, that 10% figure has shrunk) why wouldn’t a pastor act in a manner that keeps the most members in the pews and chairs at any given time.

It just comes off as scandalous to me and unnecessary.  I question who would this bunch of people really stand for if times really got tough.  I hope this goes out as a notice to politicians to be careful who you let embrace you because they may turn your back on them.


In other related news….

Are these “concerned black clergy” outfits outdated?  I mean, I’m mildly tired of seeing the same black clergy on local news stations when something happens with the same tired responses to the community.  Perhaps its just the anti-religion nerve in me jumping, but every time someone gets killed, they come on to the news show in somber, preacher tones and tell the listening public just how “tragic it is” that this person is no longer with us.  Somewhat piggybacking on a conversation I had earlier today, I wonder are these pastors and preachers filling a need that’s demanded by the community or are they “creating” the need themselves.

By “creating” the need, I’m not even remotely suggesting if they commit and construct tragedies to happen just so they can be in the spotlight, but rather I’m suggesting that why does the Black Church, as an institution continue to do the same thing expecting different results?  We hold the same tired prayer vigils, we set up the same monuments, we do the same prayer breakfasts, we address systemic problems with the same solutions: is this not the pop-culture definition of insanity?  

Sometimes, the Bible doesn’t answer every problem.

Sometimes, jumping up and down spinning around 5 times and slapping some oil on the person and telling them to call on the name of Jesus seven times doesn’t work.

What then?

Just some random thoughts from an uppity Negro.



Okay, Senator Roland Burris isn’t squeaky clean.  I’m hoping that has been up until this point.  Perhaps he was bit more ambitious than I was willing to admit, but let the record show, everyone jumped to those conclusions prior to hearing all of the facts.  Everyone was making character assaults on the old man, and still even now, most law professors are saying that the law is still squarely on the side of Burris.  I mean, I hope the U.S. Senate isn’t worried about expelling the guy especially since they have home state constituents that many of them got a whole ‘lotta explaining to do behind this stimulus package they just voted for.

And at least Illinois Democrats have enough sense to tell the Illinois Republicans to FALL BACK on this whole thing that they’re trying to do by holding a special election for the state. 

Now let’s really be fair about this Republicans.  For those who always complain the loudest about state spending, are they really ready to spend $50,000,000 dollars on a statewide election that would require some semblance of a campaign period, and dare say primaries and the whole like just to finish out a less than two year seat–just to get a Republican in office?!?!  FALL BACK!  Fall ALL the way BACK!

Do you feel that Roland Burris has gotten a fair shake in the media?  Per Eric Holder’s admonition to not be a coward, do you think race has played into how Burris has been treated  or has it been just plain ol’ politics?  Am I the only one who’s sick and tired of doing church the same old way and nothing has changed–I thought Jesus had all the pow-vuh?  

And yes, this was two posts in one day, 🙂

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

2 thoughts on “When Judas Is Closer Than Jesus

  1. Although I am a christian sometimes I get nervous with the cross section of politics and religion. I do believe that ministers should inform their flock on the importance of voting. I do think that it’s nice to have a president that believes in prayer but this right here……. What is going on in the city of wind? Black folk’s were hollering and getting ready to go to war in the beginning. “Oh they are trying to take away our BLACK seat”. Now they want him to step down???? I like your title and because you stole it, it’s stealable for everyone else (thanks buddy). But you should have titled this When we eat our own!!!! They need to either stand by this dude or get to stepping.

    P.S. for those of us that aren’t from Chicago this is better than any episode of Dallas, Falcon Crest or General Hospital.

  2. IMHO, Roland Burris should finish out the senate seat vacated by President Obama. I personally never felt that he would even attempt to run for re-election. He is an old-school politician (think John Stroger). It seemed right that Mr. Burris, an honorable (by most accounts) should fill the black void in the senate, particularly in such a time as this.

    It also seems that there are some really strange shadow players backstage in this series of charades. The Illinois republicans are kicking themselves (and rightfully so) for even considering having Alan Keyes run against Mr. Obama in the senate race in 2004. It was a republican moral failure in leadership when the widely supported republican candidate, another Ryan had to drop out before (sex clubs or sump’n) the general election.

    Some, not just republicans along with complicit consent by odd dems, appear to be determined to get a GOPer senator and governor next cycle.

    Quid pro quo is the = you reap what you sow. Greedy ambition for wealth or power is a son-of-a-gun when you don’t get rich and become powerless in the process.

    Stay uppity and keep on keeping it uppity–good posts…

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