While I Was In School…

My sincere apologies.

It must be the start of school if I’m not blogging consistently.  The 100,000 post really doesn’t count as a serious blog, but school has started and I have a full load: Music in the Black Church (in lieu of Intro to Greek 2 taught by an incompetent professor resulting in me dropping a class), Intro to Missiology, Church History 2 taught by an almost nearly inept professor and TA and Intro to Pastoral Care.  Not a lot a heavy hitters, but these are still classes that require my attention, I’ve yet to purchase any books for these classes.

But before I get on my soap box about anti-intellectualism, let me reassure my readers that Part Two and Three of “An Uppity Negro Inauguration” are still in the works–and by the way if ANYONE knows about Blue Ticket Reimbursement packages for the inauguration please drop me an email or leave a comment with what I can do.

So, this week…

012609_blago1. Apparently, I’ve missed out on a prime opportunity to blog about the now deposed former Governor Rod Blagojevich of the state of Illinois.  Okay granted, the guy got impeached.  I wasn’t that in love with him that I felt he was above getting impeached, but dammit, for all this to get him removed, I hope Pat Quinn turns out to be a better governor than this, because if Quinn can’t do any better than Blagojevich, I’m going to be a one man show to call for a removal of the entire state legislature and make everyone run again for their office PERIOD!   I think this an example of us revamping state constitutional laws.  It’s my understanding that no burden of proof is necessary during impeachment or removal of office hearings.


Okay, sadly, this time the law isn’t necessarily on Blago’s side, but I hear his call for his U.S. Constitutional rights being infringed upon as far as due process under the 6th Amendment–so in this case, state constitutional laws pertaining to civil matters such as this supersede the criminal law interpretation of the 6th Amendment rights.  Not to mention, we could impeach a president for lying about who he had sex with, recall a president in California because he went back on a campaign promise to not raise taxes, impeach an Illinois governor and remove him from office on still unfounded charges making this no more than political grandstanding and nothing criminal–but this passive-ass American public refused to make a deal about a President who lied about going to war, who took away many of our civil liberties that some would say were constitutionally give to us.

I’m confused, for those who read this part, please leave a comment and clear that up for me.

Seriously though, Blagojevich didn’t receive a fair hearing and the state legislators know it.  It was a kangaroo court of some sorts because all state senators had pre-conceived notions about Blago, and by all accounts, no one liked him and they had been itching to do this for a while.  Personally, I’m not a fan of state recalls–see California and their current governor–that’s why we have elections every few years or so.  I think that’s the process of being a democracy.  However, I think it needs to be stated that we are a Democratic Republic.  In short that means that we elect representatives who legislate on the ideals that majority of the constituency supports: “we the people” don’t have the privilege to vote on every little thing.  I believe that their should be some level of trust in our elected officials, if not a) then you shouldn’t have voted them in and b) vote them out the next election cycle.

And to those who called for a special election to seat U.S. Senator Roland Burris, I simply ask where in the hell did you expect the state to find $50,000,000.oo to pay for it?  This is the same case for Gov. David Patterson and this new lady U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand whom he seemingly picked blindly as soon as Caroline Kennedy asked for her name to be removed from the list of consideration.  Come on people, this is one of the perks a governor gets to have, and I believe that Patterson is the example of the New Yorkers ultimately trusting him to make a decision that’s best for the state (partisan differences notwithstanding).

I guess for all other updating news concerning Rod Blagojevich, just check out D.L. Hughley’s “Free Rod Blagojevich” Campaign he’s launched.

michael-steele2.  So Michael Steele is the new magic Negro.

I mean honestly come on guys.  This rings of the 2002 Academy Awards when magically Denzel Washington wins Best Actor for by far one of the worst movies according to many in the black community, and Halle Berry wins Best Actress for, by all accounts, getting bukked-nekkid with Billy Bob Thornton.  I mean, I rolled my eyes so hard when my friend said that Steele should have been the presidential candidate for this last election cycle.  I mean honestly, his closest contender was Katon Dawson who just rescinded his membership at a de facto whites only country club in South Carolina.  Here’s another link for more info on Katon Dawson.

I told him I would have moved out of the country.

So, it’s official, this uppity Negro will move out of the country if one of two things happens:  1) If Sarah Palin ever becomes president of the United States and 2) if Michael Steele ever runs for president of the United States against another black male–and oh gawwwwd, if he ran against a black female, it’d be over.

Penultimately, I really don’t have much to say about Steele seeing as how I’m not Republican, and have not followed much of Republican party insides.  I’m not a Maryland resident and have no one that lives out there that has told me much about him, but seeing the few stints on FoxNews that he’s on, I don’t particularly care for him much.  He’s seated at the right hand of Juan Williams in my opinion.  I remember him at the State of the Black Union and he didn’t irritate me much at all, which further leads me to believe of his sellout status along with Williams–that both of them are snarky on television just for the sake of ratings and their own personal aggrandizement.

Ultimately, however, I really think that Steele has on blinders and fails to see the racism that is pervasive in his party.  I’m not convinced that he will, find the evil that lurks in his party, and in the words of a former president, “smoke ’em out.”  From what I’ve heard from Steele, I heard him more as the one being anti-Democrat rather than being an agent of change within his own party.  I think Black Snob was correct in her assessment (via Melissa Harris-Lacewell) that this was a Republican strategy to make the Republican party seem less white

Granted the African American populace votes heavily Democrat throughout all levels of government, we still vote on issues.  The Republican party, neither locally nor nationally seem to have articulated a message socially or fiscally that resonates en masse with the black electorate.  I mean, seriously, just ask blacks in Chicago how do they really feel about Hizzoner Mayor Richard M. Daley.

Now, I really don’t know what to do with the fact that there are now two African American males who are the heads of the two major political parties in the United States.  Harris-Lacewell in her blog The Kitchen Table made the parallel assertion that this may be an instance of white flight on a national level–who knows.  I’d be very interested to hear the backroom conversations of certain Republican elected officials with rural congressional districts with mostly or all-white constituents and wonder what they have to say.

Personally, Steele gives me token black.  I don’t foresee him doing anything that would begin to reach out anymore non-white votes.

What kills me is the random black folks, even some young ones my age, that are running around here thinking that they are the enlightened ones because they are self-subscribed/declared Republicans and the rest of us are the sheeple running after “the man.”

Go ‘head, hope you’ve been practicing you’re “you betchas” and “dontcha knows” by watching rerun’s of Bobby’s World listening to his mother speak because the way that party is headed, Palin is poised to be the next hot thing.

obama-and-biden3.  This Troubled Assets Relief Program, or TARP money (yeah, I had to Google it myself) that’s being spent on $18 billion dollars worth of bonuses.

Okay guys, this is the easy part.

I really, and truly wish that Obama–oops, excuse me, to all the Baisden-ites and all blacks who major in mediocrity and who paid George W. Bush ALL the due respect of the title of his presidency–President Obama would take advantage of this Democratic majority in Congress and stop making nice with the Republicans.  I’m not quite sure what he sees down the road, but it’s evident that he’s done much more across the aisle reaching than any other president in recent memory–especially when he doesn’t have to.  I mean, the Republicans had a one person majority in the Senate the last two years of Bush’s presidency and that fool was running around talking about he had a friggin mandate for crying out loud and made no effort to court the Senate Democrats.  (Although, with Harry Reid in place, perhaps he knew what an uphill battle that would have been in the first place.)

That being said, it’s hard for me to understand this FoxNews and conservative talking point of their anti-Obama position because of his “income redistribution” slant when it comes to taxes.  Surely, most surely, these conservatives are not in favor of these $18,000,000,000.00 in random bonuses, comparable to that of 2004 bonuses during a much stronger economy.  But who takes a party seriously when one of their main talking heads, unelected as he may be, makes the egregious statement on the air that he hopes that his president “fails” at his job.

Never thought I’d be the one to say this to this person, but for the UNN to Rush Limbaugh concerning his U.S. citizenship, “LOVE IT, OR LEAVE IT!”

I mean, for mild tempered Campbell “No Bias, No Bull” Brown to refer to Limbaugh’s subsequent comments about CNN as nothing “useless noise” and as putting on “histrionics” we all know it’s time for Rush to go.

 I stand by the gut feeling that the writing was on the wall when we saw Enron fall back in 2001.  We saw what could happen to a house built of cards would fall with just one card taken away, and I believe now we’re experiencing the free fall effects of capitalism gone awry.  This should not be of any surprise to most people, but it still sucks nonetheless.

Also, a quick way to piss off this uppity Negro is not talk about the working poor in this country.

I know it’s not politically correct to talk about them, but they are a viable and voting part of this country.  I think even I fall victim to not talking about them because of my own working middle-class heritage, but there are millions of people in small town America, white, black, Latino, Asian and Native American that work day after day and will NEVER rise to status of middle class.  This past campaign season was yet again another instance of neither candidate even uttering the words “poor” from their lips in the debates.  The best thing going for the poor is Joe Biden.  With Obama naming him the head of the task force for only because of his Scranton heritage which was that of working middle-class.  His parents no doubt understood what it meant to live from paycheck to paycheck with no means of survival past a two week pay period.  It was good to hear Obama say “When I talk about the middle class, I am talking about folks who are currently in the middle class,but also folks who are aspiring to be in the middle class.”

octuplet-home-cp-61700934.  Why in God’s green earth would a lady want to have seven…eight…four…three more kids in addition to her six–because she wanted a girl?!?!  Honestly, I want a big family, I can understand that, but I think what got to me was that she was living at home with her parents.


I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

Everyone’s heard the story now, but a few minor details have been left out in the interest of other real news.  Check out the story above on the hyperlink, but I think there’s something to be said about homegirl’s mental status.  She’s a SINGLE PARENT living at home with her mother while her father, a native Iraqi is where–OVER IN IRAQ!!!!  So her overwhelming love for kids, according to her mom, is why she chose to do all of this. 

Okay, I really don’t know the ethics behind how many embryos she should have been implanted with, but since I’m pro-choice when it comes to abortion, I don’t see why we should have any legislation necessarily behind this either.  


…it’s just my opinion that as the doctor or company that does this stuff, should have a moral obligation to larger society that this mother would not be birthing into the world young children that she could not provide for.  By all accounts, homegirl aint really capable of raising 14 kids.  Again, she’s a SINGLE PARENT.  Not an impossible task, but I dare say it’s impossible with out craploads of help when dealing with 14 kids.  Not to mention, this isn’t 14 kids the old fashioned way where number 14 maybe a newborn but number one maybe grown living on their own–no, at the same time this young lady will have to be breast-feeding (YES, she’s crazy), changing diapers, putting them to sleep, changing clothes, feeding and all of this stuff at the same time.  Seriously, the mechanics of this stuff doesn’t ease up until they can dress themselves and tie their shoes, and really you’re just exchanging one sorrow for another pain.

So, hopefully we’re all caught up and perhaps sometime next week I can write my post on the BLUE TICKETS!!!  Yes, if anyone has any information about compensation packages please let me know.  Also, I received the graphic novel Still I Rise: A Graphic History of African Americans written by Roland and Tanisha Nash Laird and I’m about halfway through it, so expect my review for the book soon enough.

And feel free to drop any comments about Blagojevich, Michael Steele and the shambles that are the Republican Party, Obama and this whole middle-class passing the buck on America’s poor, or this God-awful story about these octuplets born out in Cali.

[Watching SNL: we’ve GOT to get a better Barack Obama because Fred Armisen is NOT cutting it…remember when we had a black male on SNL?!?!?!]

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

5 thoughts on “While I Was In School…

  1. I feel you on school. I haven’t been reading your blog consistently and that makes me sad. I enjoy your point of view.

    Do you think the new administration (I don’t like saying President Obama because everything cannot be placed on one man’s shoulders…) should look into the Bush policies? Last I read, the thought was something like “we won’t look into them indepth, but if anything pops up we will look into that.”

    1. I think a smart administration, whomever that is, would look at what worked and what didn’t work from the Bush administration and various policies. However, it is of some note that Bush was quite clear that he himself was the deciding factor and Obama has taken a much more calculated approach. I don’t think we’ll see the premature ejaculation of “Mission Accomplished” from Obama with regards to the economy.

  2. You must have wasted a lot of time to come up with your posts on this site. Very nice information. Thanks for this. Just added your site to my Google News Reader so i can read more of your posts as soon as they are published.

  3. Hi, possibly this entry may be off topic but anyways, I have read some of your other posts too and they are great. Keep up the nice work! Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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