Round One to U.S. Senate; Roland Burris Denied Access to Senate Swearing In Ceremony


I must say that I am more than disappointed and mildly disgusted at how this gubernatorial and senatorial showdown has portrayed the venerated Roland Burris.  This isn’t a long post, because I don’t have much to say about it, but on this one, I’m asking for other black folks who do not live in the state of Illinois to SHUT THE HELL UP!

I’ve done my daily blog readings over the past few days and I’ve heard some of the weirdest things concerning Roland Burris.  Even the black folk are comparing Roland Burris to John McCain and I really wonder if the shoe was on the other foot just how critical would they really be.  Seriously, are we trusting national news media to give us all the information about Roland Burris and current Gov. Rod Blagojevich.  At all times when a national news story breaks out in New York, let’s say about Caroline Kennedy, I would always defer to a New York state resident who has years of experience on listening to news stories over the years about her.  Or even, I would defer to a local New Orleanian when stories about former U.S. Rep. William Jefferson or even New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin would come about simply because I lived there for only three years, not a life time.

So, this is a post to tell everyone who has not lived in the state of Illinois for more than 20 years to fall back–FALL ALL THE WAY BACK and let us handle our biz.

The reason I’m taking such a defensive approach is because I think most people are speaking from emotions and not from intelligence.  Simply stated, the law is CLEARLY on the side of Rod Blagojevich and Roland Burris.  Legally, the Illinois Constitution allows for the current governor, Blagojevich, to appoint someone to fill the vacancy.  There is nothing in the law that restricts the gubernatorial appointment on the basis of a complaint filed against him, or because of his arrest.  District Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has asked for 90 day extension on returning an indictment from a grand jury and the Illinois House and Senate has stalled in getting a quick impeachment from the governor.  Blagojevich acted as a governor should ulitmately ensuring that the citizens of Illinois receive full congressional representation for their taxation.

Seriously if anyone from D.C. has a problem with Burris’ seating–come see me cuz we’re gonna fight.

Moreover, I think Republican reticence on this issue proves moreover that this is some balderdash on the part of Senate Democrats, namely Sen. Harry Reid.  It serves no purpose by not having this 59 near super-majority in the U.S. Senate.  It does not prove to the country that Democrats can take care of their own or anything.  Moreover, this idea that Reid called Blagojevich on Dec. 3rd before the whole scandal broke does NOT bode well for Reid in my opinion.  Now of course Reid said it was a lie on Blagojevich’s behalf, but the fact that all of the people didn’t want were black men–and now he’s opposed to Burris of all people…

Here’s what I honestly think:

Hizzoner Richard M. Daley and Blagojevich fell out over something–who knows what.  Or at least, Ald. Richard Mell, Blagojevich’s father-in-law who neither can stand the other, who’s friends with Daley (who was part of the original Vrdolyak 29 in Council Wars) got in with the Democratic machine and they ultimately sent a few little birdies out to trash Blagojevich’s name prior to this scandal.  So ultimately when Blagojevich comes out, his credibility is shot.  Most black people I’ve talked to have ultimately said that Blago must have went against party lines or crossed the wrong Democrat.  The fact that Daley has been mum since this scandal broke, in the face of Daley who speaks and sputters so much it would make George W. Bush laugh, means that he knows what’s the real deal–namely he’s at the top.

What it shows is that if the shoe was on the other partisan foot that Republicans would be fighting tooth and nail to seat their own candidate and spouting all points of law that, would be on their side.

Granted this is quickly moving into a media circus, but legally stated when a brief is filed on Burris’ behalf, there has to be some proof of injury, which what was all experienced this morning when the U.S. Senate pulled a George Wallace and denied him access–on the basis of Secretary of State Jesse White not certifying the appointment.  This almost gives Jesse White veto power, which in my opinion sounds like some ambiguity on the basis of the Illinois Constitution and perhaps needs to be further clarified.  As far as news reports, it appears that the U.S. Senate would have allowed Burris access had the paperwork had the signature of Jesse White.

It’s at times like these that I really begin to question who’s really in bed with who and who’s getting kickbacks.  Again, it profits Jesse White nothing by crossing Roland Burris.  I grew up with Roland Burris as State Comptroller and as Attorney General and Jesse White as Secretary of State.

jessewhitetumblersair04I wonder if Jesse White is going to walk the Bud Billiken Parade next year if it comes down that he was instrumental in not allowing Burris to be Senator.

I think what pisses me off is that Roland Burris is by far above reproach.  He’s only one step removed from being held in such high esteem as Harrold Washington.  I mean black Chicagoans believe Harrold Washington is currently seated at the right hand of Jesus–that’s how elevated he is.

Burris is a good man for the seat.  I think the tide has changed for Illinoisians especially because there’s no one else who is a “front runner” for the seat.  We just want to have our vote counted for in the U.S. Senate.

But above all, to all those not registered voters in this state, I would encourage you all to do your research and not speak off the cuff on such matters that make you appear ignorant.

And let the record show–race has nothing to do with it.  Where’s Sandra Hester and The Hester Report (come on NOPS!!!!) when you need her.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

4 thoughts on “Round One to U.S. Senate; Roland Burris Denied Access to Senate Swearing In Ceremony

  1. please. i lived in chicago most of my adult life and if any one should be ashamed of this is burris. my mama always said that’s white folks bizness and he stuck his career in blago’s. blago used him and he willingly let him. nuff said. i am 43 and know that blago has used blacks in a long history of using blacks by politicians to grease his career and his long slide to prison. if you sleep with the devil sooner or later you are going to have shank. and clearly he has slept with the devil on this one. he was more interested in having the title than in how he got it. he was blinded by his ambition than the care for the people of illinois. that is why danny davis turned it down. burris grinning looks sad and silly standing next to that joke of governor. oh and by the way….it wasn’t only blacks from chi town that got obama elected so black business anywhere is black business everywhere.

    1. @Kim

      Stupid or not, legally Blago could and did make the appointment, and legally Jesse White is compelled to sign it and legally he should have been sworn in this morning. I’ll entertain all other comments and arguments to this appointment secondary to the legal one.

  2. thank you for this. I’ve been fighting for THE PROCESS. But, I think we always knew that Blago had been pissing off folks, left and right. I mean, the man took his fights with Daddy Mell public, for pete’s sake.

    It was a LEGAL appointment.


    And Massa Madigan underestimated his Northside opponent.

    You are right about the silence of King Richard II. Very curious indeed.

    But, I’d bet money that Daddy Mell has already worked out Patti’s deal with Fitzgerald. All she has to do is leave Blago. That’s what that Father KNows Best impersonation in the media was all about, when this first story first broke.

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