Food For Thought on this Thanksgiving

For those self-identified liberals who are pushing for a Democratic Socialist society, as it were to be labeled, and who also identify as Christians, here’s some food for thought:

If you [we, because I’m included as well] advocate universal health care, fair and equal housing for all, equal wages and salaries and equal educational funding claiming that all of the aforementioned is a right and not a privilege, then why are we so remiss to preach universal salvation making reconciliation unto God a privilege and not a universal right

Happy Thanksgiving.

Keep it uppity and keep it truthfully radical, JLL

3 thoughts on “Food For Thought on this Thanksgiving

  1. Thank you for your thought on this day. I fear that the country is so tightly contolled by the interests of the miniscule American elite that a Democratic Socialist society is unlikely to come to fruition in my lifetime. The average American has been conditioned to cower at the mere word “socialism”. Overcoming that will take decades of re-education, despite the highly successful implementation of socialist programs in the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany, to name a few of the countries whose names do not strike fear into the heart of the average American.

    On a personal level, I do believe reconciliation unto God to be a universal right. I do not quite understand your usage of “salvation.” The word has been misused successfully for centuries as one of the church’s (with “church” a catchall word for any number of religions and denominations) weapons of control, maintenance of social order, and personal submission to will of the church’s leaders. I do not require either human or divine salvation.

  2. @adamson

    After realizing what I really believed in as God-given human rights simply because we “be” humans, I realized that it falls within the realms of socialism, and I’m okay with that.


    I use “salvation” in the traditional sense in lieu of using another word that wouldn’t drive my point home quite the same way. The salvation in which I speak of amounts to the ultimate reconciliation to the Deity.

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